Davis Center Reaching Out

There are numerous opportunities to take classes of all kinds at the SCC Davis Center.

It’s located on the UC Davis West Village campus, about 30 minutes by car from SCC’s main campus. It boasts plenty of parking to go around, and a wonderful staff available to help with all instruction and student service needs. The second phase of construction will be started soon, and a new wing will be ready in 2018.

But that’s then, and this is now. The classes below have openings as of 4 p.m. on Wednesday, August 12. Check your schedules and see if any of these might fit into your calendar. There is still time to enroll.

Class #SectionClass NameLec/LabTermStart TimeEnd TimeDaysRoomInstructor
19067241ECE 430 – Culture & Diversity in Early Childhood EducationLECFT11:30AM12:50PMMW112Zaragoza, Diana
16970241FCS* 324 – Human Development: A Life SpanLECFT5:30PM6:50PMTTH112Anderson, Karin
17887241GEOG 302 – Environmental Studies & SustainabilityLECFT9:30AM10:50AMMW205Jones, Erica
18124241GEOG 310 – Human Geography: Exploring Earth’s Cultural LandscapesLECFT5:30PM6:50PMTTH119Knettle, John R
18960241PSYC 315 – PsychopharmacologyLECFT11:00AM12:20PMTTH204Keys, Alan
16255241PSYC 356 – Human SexualityLECFT3:00PM4:20PMTTH212Eckley, Terri L.
16971241PSYC* 370 – Human Development: A Life SpanLECFT5:30PM6:50PMTTH112Anderson, Karin
18103242SOC 301 – Social ProblemsLECFT4:00PM5:20PMTTH114Logan, Shane
19020241SOC* 345 – Global Women’s IssuesLECFT9:30AM10:50AMMW204Fairchild, Sheryl
19021241SOCSC* 352 – Global Women’s IssuesLECFT9:30AM10:50AMMW204Fairchild, Sheryl
Class #SectionClass NameLec/LabStart TimeEnd TimeDaysRoomInstructor
20313240CISC 305 – Introduction to the InternetLEC2nd 8wk1:00AM1:00PMOnlineOnlineBair, Lewis
Counseling and Student Success
Class #SectionClass NameLec/LabTermStart TimeEnd TimeDaysRoomInstructor
17760241HCD 330 – Life and Career PlanningLEC8W19:00AM11:15AMF202Reach, Lorna
Humanities and Fine Arts
Class #SectionClass NameLec/LabTermStart TimeEnd TimeDaysRoomInstructor
16958242COMM 321 – Interpersonal CommunicationLECFT11:00AM12:20PMTTH119Severson, Michael
17673241COMM 331 – Group DiscussionLECFT1:00PM2:20PMMW119Severson, Michael
18925241PRSIAN 401 – Elementary PersianLECFT4:30PM6:35PMMW112Daneshvar, Afsaneh
17333241SPAN 402 – Elementary SpanishLECFT1:30PM3:35PMTTH112Garcia, Mari Carmen
Kinesiology, Health, Athletics
Class #SectionClass NameLec/LabTermStart TimeEnd TimeDaysRoomInstructor
16388241HEED 300 – Health ScienceLECFT8:00AM9:20AMTTH204Bomberry, Deskaheh
Class #SectionClass NameLec/LabTermStart TimeEnd TimeDaysRoomInstructor
17838241GCOM 340 – Digital Illustration for Graphic Design ILECFT11:30AM12:20PMWF202Waxman, Robyn
241AGCOM 340 – Digital Illustration for Graphic Design ILABFTHybridTBAHybridWaxman, Robyn