Enroll at the Davis Center

SCC’s Davis Center has open spaces in several classes as of Monday, January 11.
If you have the ability to drive from Sacramento to Davis and can attend classes at our state-of-the-art facility on the West campus of UC Davis, a host of opportunities await you.
Take a look at the schedule below and see if any of these classes might fit in your educational plan.

SCC Davis Center – Open Classes Spring 2016

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Class #SectionClass Name   Lec/LabTermStart TimeEnd TimeDaysRoomInstructor
20556341ADMJ 320LECFT4:30PM5:50PMMW214Pytel, Darren
18222341GEOG 310LECFT11:00AM12:20PMTTH108Knettle, John R.
19995341NUTRI 310LECFT9:30AM10:50AMMW119Coppola, Jessica
19996341PSYC 315LECFT9:30am10:50amTTH108Keys, Alan
18396341SOC 301LECFT11:00AM12:20PMTTH205TBA


Class #SectionClass Name   Lec/LabStart TimeEnd TimeDaysRoomInstructor
17084341ECON 302LECFT8:00AM9:20AMMW119Camp, Kevin

Humanities and Fine Arts

18617341MUFHL 315LECFT4:00PM5:20PMTTH205Wrenn, Robert
18024342PHIL 300LECFT3:00PM4:20PMTTHCarboni, Joshua
19493341 PHIL 352LECFT11:00AM12:20PMTTH 212Naify, James
The above section will be taught at DaVinci High School, 1400 East 8th Street, Room 24, Davis

Kinesiology, Health, Athletics

Class #SectionClass Name   Lec/LabTermStart TimeEnd TimeDaysRoomInstructor
16705341HEED 300LECFT8:00AM9:20AMMW214Bomberry, Deskaheh

Language and Literature

Class #SectionClass Name   Lec/LabTermStart TimeEnd TimeDaysRoomInstructor
19033341ENGWR 303LECFT8:00AM10:05AMMW112Mahmood, Iqbal

Mathematics/Statistics & Engineering

Class #SectionClass Name   Lec/LabTermStart TimeEnd TimeDaysRoomInstructor
16654341MATH 120LECFT8:00AM9:30AMMWF204Mendez-Nunez, Luis
18518346MATH 120LECFT6:30PM9:05PMMW212Norman, Ben Eric

Science and Allied Health

Class #SectionClass Name   Lec/LabTermStart TimeEnd TimeDaysRoomInstructor
18397341BIOL 314LECFT9:30AM10:50AMTTH123Naganuma, Kenneth
19036341GEOL 345LECFT5:30PM6:50PMTTH114Wynne, Daniel