New Students: Do NOT lose your priority registration! (03/25/15)

Did you know that all new students are required to complete the “Steps to Success?”  The three steps include: 1) Orientation, 2) Assessment, and 3) iSEP.

If you do NOT complete these three steps, you will lose your Priority 1 enrollment.  This means that you will be placed in Priority 2 enrollment for the upcoming Fall semester.  The following semester, you will be placed in Open Enrollment if you have not yet completed the mandatory requirements.  Open Enrollment is after Priority 1 and Priority 2.

In order to keep Priority 1 enrollment, you must complete all three steps BY APRIL 1, 2015:

Orientation:  Complete the Los Rios online orientation to learn information about student support services, college terms, rights and responsibilities, academic expectations, and enrollment fees.

Assessment:  Complete the Math and English or ESL (English as a Second Language) assessments.  Visit the Assessment Center website for the test schedule, study guides, and instructions.

iSEP:  Meet with a counselor for help with selecting the right classes and to complete an iSEP.  An iSEP (student education plan) is your “roadmap” to keep you on track toward your goals.

These three steps are tracked on your eServices account, so log in to check if you are missing any of the requirements.  Click on the tab that says “Steps to Success” and look for this box at the top of the page:

As you complete each requirement, a checkmark will be placed in the box.


These requirements are for NEW STUDENTS only.  Students who were enrolled in Los Rios before February 1, 2014 do NOT have to complete the “Steps to Success.”  (But, of course, it’s helpful to do them anyways!)

Weekly Post #10 (03/23/15)

As a college student, your biggest focus is your academic success.  After all, you are here to create a future that includes the completion of a college degree and the start of an exciting career!

But, aside from academics, one of the best things about college is meeting new people.  And, sometimes, the people that you meet become lifelong friends that support you, encourage you, and motivate you to do your absolute best!

These are the friends who will check on you if you miss class, will remind you about the big assignment that is due, and will meet you at the library when you need a study partner for the next exam.  Most importantly, they will be the ones in the audience cheering the loudest when you walk across the stage in your cap and gown!

So, aside from doing well academically and preparing for your future career, having a positive and balanced social life on campus is just as important.  Plus, it’s always nice to know who your classmates are and to spot familiar faces when you walk across the quad, sit in the cafeteria, or spend time in the library.

At Sacramento City College, there are lots of great opportunities for you to meet your peers and to participate in various activities on campus.  Throughout the semester, there are many events that students can attend for free – whether it is watching a special film or documentary, listening to a guest lecturer, participating in a cultural event, or joining a student club.

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Meet with your professor! (03/19/15)

Imagine this scenario…

Your College Success professor has assigned a presentation and your topic is “utilizing support services on campus.”  As you gather information, you have questions about how to organize your presentation and whether or not you are following the instructions correctly.  Unfortunately, your class doesn’t meet again until next week and you want to finish your outline this weekend.

Question:  What do you do?

Answer:  Meet with your professor during office hours!

Earlier this semester when your professors extended an invitation for you and your classmates to meet during office hours, they weren’t kidding!  Your professors set aside this time every week so that you can ask questions about homework, get feedback on assignments, or get information that you may have missed during a lecture.

Unfortunately, many students pass up the opportunity to meet with their professors because they are embarrassed about discussing their progress, think that their professors are too busy, or are too nervous to ask questions.  But, in reality, your professors are there to help you succeed.  They want you to ask questions so that you understand the topics that are discussed in your classes.

Weekly Post #9 (03/16/15)

MYTH BUSTER: So, tell the truth…how did you imagine your first college professor to be?  Were you expecting someone intimidating and unapproachable?

You were proven wrong, weren’t you?!?!

As you may have experienced already, your SCC professors are down-to-earth, personable, outgoing, and enthusiastic individuals who are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with students.  You might even think that they are C-O-O-L!

Believe it or not, many of your professors have friends on Facebook, have followers on Twitter, and have posted “selfies” on Instagram.  They even use emojis when they send out text messages!

(NOTE:  Even if your professors are active members of social media, it does NOT mean that you should search their names to “friend” or “follow” them!)

THE REAL DEAL: Your professors at Sacramento City College care about your learning experiences and want you to do your best. They strive to keep their classrooms as a positive environment where students and professors are able to engage in insightful, challenging, and meaningful discussions.  And, get this, many professors are actually former SCC students who have been down your same path and have chosen to return to their former campus to inspire students!

Whether you are a new or continuing student, there are certain behaviors, mannerisms, and actions that your professors expect from you in college. Some things are quite obvious – like do all your homework and attend class on time – but, surprisingly, many forget that college is a place where maturity, respect, and courtesy are expected from each student.

The four pages below include strategies and tips directly from your professors at Sacramento City College. Each comment that was forwarded was thoughtfully written with the best intentions to help students succeed in the classroom!

As one professor stated “College is a gift to yourself. Immerse yourself in learning, take it all in, and appreciate the time you have to come to school. It’s one of the only activities in life that is all about you.”

Thank you to all the faculty that participated in this activity!

Professors’ Tips #1      Professors’ Tips #2      Professors’ Tips #3      Professors’ Tips #4

Get an INTERNSHIP! (03/11/15)

Have you successfully completed core classes related to your major?

If so, it’s time for you to start thinking about an INTERNSHIP!

As a college student, one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the job market is to gain hands-on training within your major.  By getting involved in an INTERNSHIP, you are learning what it takes and what it’s like to work in a particular career.

Regardless of what you’ve heard, interns are highly valued in the workplace.  You are NOT going to be asked to pick up coffee for the entire office, you will NOT be asked to pick up your supervisor’s children from school, and you will NOT be scheduled to work 10-hour days!  The staff and faculty in the Work Experience and Internship Office at SCC will make sure of that!

By starting the internship process NOW, you will have plenty of time to work on your resume and cover letter.

Visit the Work Experience and Internship Office inside the Counseling Department in Rodda North.

So you want to take the assessments…again! (03/04/15)

The assessment process helps to identify your current skills in the areas of Math, English, and/or English as a Second Language.

So, even though you may have taken Calculus in high school and passed with an “A+++++” grade, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you qualify for Calculus in college today…especially if you had taken that Calculus course 7 years ago. (Well, unless Calculus is part of your everyday life or you solve derivatives and hyperbolic functions for fun, then there is a chance that you could qualify for Math 400!)

Here are some tips to remember when taking the assessments:

Review the study guides available online. It is helpful to know ahead of time the type of questions or problems you will be asked to solve. While the study guides may not be the exact replica of the assessments, it will give you pretty good idea of what to expect. Also, don’t review the study guide 10 minutes before you take the assessments. Give yourself some time to actually answer the questions and to solve the math problems.

Placing into a transfer-level class, such as English Writing 300, does NOT mean that you have completed your writing requirement or that you are exempt from taking a writing course! In order to meet graduation and/or transfer requirements, you still have to successfully complete the required Math, English, and/or ESL courses.

Remember this: you will NOT fail! You will not fail because the assessments are not based on “pass” or “fail” scoring. Your score will simply determine the appropriate level that you are ready for. (NOTE: There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with placement into the first level. SCC has many resources – such as the Math Lab and Writing Center – to support your success in these subjects.)

Last thing to remember:  Your assessment results do NOT determine your success at SCC.  Your motivation, hard work, and focus will be important to your success.  Just because you do not place at the level that you want to be or think that you should be at, this doesn’t mean that you will not achieve your goals.  Be patient with your learning process, plan ahead, and ask for help!

Sign up for tutoring! (02/26/15)

We are all guilty of making up excuses to avoid something that we don’t necessarily want to do.  But, the truth is, sometimes what we don’t want to do is actually really good for us!  We just don’t ever know until we try.

So, with that said, what’s really your excuse about NOT signing up for tutoring?

EXCUSE:  Tutors are expensive!  There’s no way I am going to sign up for tutoring if I have to pay for help.

REALITY: Tutoring services at Sacramento City College are FREE.  You don’t have to pay any of the tutors to assist you…and you don’t even have to tip them at the end of your study session!  A simple “thank you” is enough.

EXCUSE:  Tutoring is only for students who are failing their classes.

REALITY:  Many students who seek tutorial services are actually making great progress in their classes because they take the time to review and understand information with their tutors.

EXCUSE:  Tutoring is time consuming.  I don’t have time in my busy schedule for tutoring!

REALITY:  Did you know that meeting with a tutor takes ONLY ONE HOUR A WEEK!  At the end of the week, students spend more hours watching television, texting on their cell phones, updating their Facebook profiles, and checking their email accounts!  In one hour of tutoring, you can learn important study skills, get help understanding assignments, and review new information learned in class.  Now, that’s an hour well spent!

EXCUSE:  No one uses tutoring at the start of the semester…there’s no need for it yet.

REALITY:  It is never too early in the semester to sign up for tutoring…don’t wait until you are struggling or feeling confused to seek help.  Tutoring is available at the start of every semester all the way until finals!

EXCUSE:  My tutor is going to drop me if I don’t get a 100% on my next exam even after all the help I have received.

REALITY:  Of course not!  Tutors can be one of your biggest supporters at SCC…they definitely want you to succeed and any progress that you make is a great accomplishment.  Tutors do not put any pressure on students nor do they make any judgments on your grades.  Tutors are here to help you!

EXCUSE:  But that tutor is just a KID!

REALITY:  So what if your tutor looks 15 years younger than you!  The fact still remains that your tutor has already successfully passed the class that you need help with and knows the subject matter well.  Have you ever heard of the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover?”  :)

So now that you have run out of excuses, click here for a list of tutoring services available at Sacramento City College!

Go to the Library! (02/24/15)

How well do you know about the AWESOME services offered by the SCC LIBRARY?  Let’s find out…

Question 1: You are assigned your first research paper in EngWr 300 and you need help with citing sources. You want to do this correctly because you are NOT about to get yourself in trouble for plagiarism! Who can you talk to?

a. A Financial Aid staff member.
b. A nurse from Health Services.
c. A librarian at the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor of the LRC.

Question 2: You forgot your College Success textbook at home and you were planning to review two chapters before your quiz in an hour. What can you do?

a. Wait in the quad until you see one of your classmates and then ask to borrow the book.
b. Check out the book on reserve at the Circulation Desk on the 2nd floor of the LRC.
c. Drive back home and grab the book…and hope that there is enough time to find a parking spot and make it to class on time.

Question 3: This is your first semester at Sacramento City College and you want to learn how to use the Library. How can you do this?

a. Attend a 50-minute Library Orientation where you can take a tour, learn about how to locate books, and get information on the various databases.
b. Go to the College Store and buy a 50-page manual on how to use the Library.
c. Walk up and down every aisle until you find what you are looking for.

(Here are the correct answers: Question 1: C, Question 2: B, and Question 3: A)

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