411 For Success

Imagine that you are in class trying to listen to an important lecture and all you hear is gum-smacking, soda-slurping, and pencil-tapping from other students around you.

Annoying, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, turning around in your seat to give your classmates a dirty look won’t help – especially when they’re too busy to look up from texting!

As a college student, there are expectations from your professors and fellow classmates that you will behave in (and out!) of the classroom.  It’s not just about raising your hand or arriving to class on time; it’s also about being respectful, polite, and taking your education seriously.  No one wants to sit next to the person who is constantly falling asleep in class or taking selfies.

So, what exactly are unacceptable classroom behaviors?  Click on the box below to read more…

When you look back on your entire day – all 24 hours of it! – how many of your activities are actually related to STUDYING?

Unfortunately, we often get distracted by social media…or, in this case, Super Bowl Sunday!

Instead of doing our homework, we would rather upload a picture on Instagram, update our status on Twitter, watch a funny Vine (over and over again!), record a Snapchat, or comment on Facebook post.

Or, sometimes, we just get frustrated because we don’t understand an assignment, get stuck on a math problem, or think that everything is just going wrong.  Then, instead of trying one more time, we get back on social media to let everyone know that the study session is over.

If this has happened to you, then it’s time for a change.  You have got to Get your STUDY on!

But, remember, being able to study doesn’t mean flipping through your textbooks and highlighting sentences that you think might be important.

Studying means being able to concentrate, to understand what you are learning, to take notes, to jot down questions, to be enthusiastic about discovering new ideas, and to be able to quiz yourself on the material that you have just reviewed.

If you have received a notice from Financial Aid that you have been dismissed due to GPA/progress percentage or maximum time frame, IT IS NOT TOO LATE to submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal.

The deadline to submit an appeal is Monday, April 4th, but DO NOT WAIT!  It could take up to 6 WEEKS for your paperwork to be reviewed and processed.

If you are unsure whether or not you have been dismissed, check your Financial Aid status by logging onto “My City Aid.”

What is the SAP for GPA/Progress?

You will be required to submit a SAP if your GPA is below a 2.00 and/or you were not able to complete 67% of your courses.  Click here for the SAP form.

What is the SAP for Maximum Timeframe?

You will be required to submit a SAP if you have attempted more that 150% of the units required for your degree or certificate program.  You must meet with a counselor to review your educational goal – including remaining units for general education, transfer, basic skills, and major courses.  Check here for the SAP form.

Additional requirements:

Aside from the SAP form, a typed letter of explanation must be attached to the SAP.  You will be required to attend a SAP workshop which will provide detailed information on the process.

Need help?

Visit the Financial Aid Lab in Business Building 153 or the Financial Aid Office in Rodda North.

Check your status on…


Is “3” your lucky number?  We hope not…at least for the purposes of repeating courses!

In case you didn’t know it, students are only allowed to take a class three times.  But, here’s the thing…we DON’T want you to take a class three times…we DON’T even want you to take it twice.  We want you to successfully complete each class at the very first attempt!

So, here’s what happens:  Every time you receive a “W”, “D”, “F”, or “NP” for the same course within any Los Rios college, those will count towards your three attempts.  Even if you attempted a course 6 years ago and received a “W,” that still counts.

If you have exceeded your attempts and still need to take that course because it is absolutely required for general education or your major, you will have to take the equivalent of that course at another college OUTSIDE OF LOS RIOS, such as Sierra College in Rocklin, San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, or Woodland College in Woodland.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to enroll into that course for the fourth time at ARC, CRC, FLC, or SCC.

For this reason, it will be important to create a schedule that you can manage and commit to for the next 16 weeks.  Also, you will want to familiarize yourself with FREE services to help you succeed – such as the Math Lab, Writing Center, or Tutoring Center.  Lastly, always be aware of the deadlines to drop classes (either without or with a “W”) on your transcript.

How many times today have you been asked for your “seven digits”?

NO, NO, NO – not your phone number, but your Student ID Number!!!

Throughout the semester – especially when you visit Counseling, Admissions, and Financial Aid – you will be asked to verify your student ID number.  Yes, we know that you are NOT a number and that you DO have a name, but the ID number is one way to verify that you are part of the Los Rios Community College District.

As an SCC student, it is important to get your Student Access Card.  The Student Access Card is one of the most important forms of identification that you will need to request information, to borrow books from the library, to make copies at the printing stations on campus, and to use regional transit – including the light rail and bus.

To get your Student Access Card and your regional transit pass, you must have a valid photo ID (No, your Facebook profile picture will not work!), be currently enrolled in classes (No, being number 7 on the wait list does not count!), and not have any outstanding balance due on your account (No, an “IOU” will not be accepted!).

Student Access Cards are currently being issued and, once you get your card, you can start using it right away!  Click here to find out when, how, and where you can get your Student Access Card.

And, lastly, SMILE for the camera!

The first disbursement (* see note below) for Financial Aid is this Friday, January 22nd.

However, to receive your grant on this day, your entire Financial Aid file must be complete.  This means that all of your required documents were received on time and processed by October 2015 (last semester).  In additional to submitting all required documents, you must have been enrolled in courses for the Spring 2016 semester by January 4th.

If you qualify for Financial Aid, please remember that your grant is to help you purchase textbooks and supplies so that you can succeed in your classes.  You probably have homework to do this weekend and having your textbooks will definitely keep you on track!

So, before you withdraw funds with your OneCard, there are a few important things to remeber about financial aid.  For example, financial aid is based on ACADEMIC SUCCESS!  This means that you must complete each semester with a satisfactory GPA (2.00 GPA or higher) and with satisfactory progress (complete at least 75% of your courses).

If you are unsure of your Financial Aid status or need help with understanding the different forms, log onto “My City Aid” or visit the Financial Aid Lab in Business Building 153.

* NOTE: Depending on the number of units enrolled, you may receive one disbursement for Financial Aid. Only full time and three-quarter time students will receive two disbursements this semester.

The Spring 2016 semester officially begins on a SATURDAY…yes, a Saturday…but not necessarily for you!
If you signed up for a class that meets on Saturdays, then you will start school on Saturday, January 16th.

But, if you signed up for a class that meets on another day of the week – such as Monday or Tuesday – then you show up on that day…not on Saturday.

Though the first day of each class may be hectic with professors checking their rosters and students trying to add from the wait list, you must still come PREPARED!  This means that you should have your assessment results or transcripts printed to verify prerequisites, have a notebook and pen to take notes, and folders to keep all of your syllabi from getting lost.  Don’t be surprised if your professors jump right into the textbook readings or assign homework…this is a learning environment!

And, while the semester starts on January 16th, don’t forget that the campus will be closed on Monday, January 18th, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.  So, this means that your first Monday class will not be meeting.

Helpful tip:  Since the campus will be open on Saturday, January 16th, it might be helpful to visit SCC to locate student parking, to find your classrooms, and to purchase your textbooks.  You can actually even do this NOW since the campus has been open since January 4th!  Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your parking permit, get your Student Access Card, and submit your important Financial Aid documents.

While not all departments will be open on Saturday, January 16th, Counseling, Admissions, and Financial Aid will be available to help students.  Check their websites for exact times.

Important details about your class schedule:

Course:  The name of the course will be listed on the very top of the box.  The sample schedule above shows the class as “ENGWR 101 – College Writing.”

Status: Either you are ENROLLED in a class or WAITING.  Being “enrolled” means that you are officially on the class roster and “waiting” means that you are on the wait list.  Either way, you still need to SHOW UP on the first day.

Waitlist Position: If you are on the wait list, check your number…you may have moved up since you first got on the wait list!  If you are #12 (as seen above), there is still a chance that you may be given a permission number by the instructor and allowed to add the class.  Also, you may be #12 today, but, by next week, things can be different!

Units: This number could vary depending on the class that you are enrolled in.  For example, a science class with a lecture and lab could be 5 units while a fitness course could be 1 unit.  This class is 4 units.

Class number: You will need this class number when searching for your textbook on the College Store website.  For example, EngWr 101 is offered in different sections and taught by different instructors.  This 5-digit number will tell you specifically which textbook(s) are needed for this particular course.  (Or click on the link for “View my textbooks.”)

Days & Times: Most classes meet twice a week, but there are courses that meet three times a week or meet every day.  This will tell you the days of the week that you will be meeting…and, yes, some students will be taking classes on the weekends.  This will also tell you the start and end times of the class.  Make sure that you know whether your class is in the “AM” (morning!) or the PM (afternoon or evening!).  If you are taking an online course, make sure that you attend the mandatory orienation.  You can find more information about the orientation on your instructor’s website or in the class schedule online.

Room: Make sure you know WHERE your class is located, especially if it’s at the main campus or not!  We offer many great classes at the outreach centers which are located in Davis and West Sacramento.  If your schedule shows “Davis Cntr” or “West Sac,” then your class is NOT at the “Main” campus.  Before the semester begins, take a look at the campus map (or visit the campus in person) to find out where your classes are located.

Instructor: All of your classes will be taught by an instructor!  Yes, even if the class is online, there is still an instructor who will teach and guide you throughout the semester.  Sometimes, you will find “TBA” (To Be Announced) listed on your schedule, but, don’t worry, there will be an instructor assigned to your class by the first day of the semester.

Start/End Date: A semester at SCC is 16 weeks long.  There are some classes (such as Computer Information Science) that are offered as “short-term” classes and lasts for only 8 weeks.  If you have a short-term class, make sure you know if it is during the “1st 8 weeks” or the “2nd 8 weeks.”


1.  EngWr 101 has a prerequisite of “EngWr 51 with a grade of C or better; or placement through the assessment process.”  Even though your class schedule will not list the prerequisite, this information can be found in the class schedule and SCC catalog.  Your instructor will ask for a prerequisite verification during the first week of the semester.

New policy for English prerequisites:  If you completed the prerequisite for an English course at another college outside of Los Rios, you will need to go to the Language and Literature Department (RS 226) to verify this.  Make sure to bring a copy of the transcript and course description.

2.  Yes, the semester begins on a SATURDAY, but you only have to show up if you have a Saturday class.  If not, then show up on Monday or Tuesday when your first class begins.

3.  If you DO NOT see your class schedule when you log into your eServices account, check if you have been dropped.  You may have been dropped from all classes if you did not pay your enrollment fees within the 14-day period.

4.  FOR MATH COURSES ONLY: Be aware of the prerequisite verification required to enroll into a math course.  Your prerequisite will be automatically cleared if you are currently enrolled in the appropriate prerequisite course within Los Rios, you have completed the appropriate prerequisite course within Los Rios with a “C” or better, or you assessed into the math class that you want to take.  If you completed the prerequisite course at another college outside of Los Rios, you must bring an official transcript to the Admissions Office along with the “Math Prerequisite Equivalency Form.”

The Spring 2016 semester doesn’t start until mid-January and, although there is still time to enroll into classes, the unthinkable has happened…the classes that YOU WANTED are all filled up!

So, now what?  Get your name on the wait list!

Putting your name on the wait list doesn’t mean that you are officially enrolled, but it does mean that if other students drop the course, then – depending on where you are on the list – there is a possibility that you may be added into the class.

Here is how it works…

If a class is already full, then students can place their names on the wait list if the limit hasn’t been reached.  Some wait lists allow up to 10 students to add their names and other wait lists allow up to 20 students to add their names.  (NOTE:  If a wait list is full today, that doesn’t mean that a spot won’t open up tomorrow.)  It may seem like a hassle, but it is important to log onto eServices EVERYDAY.  (If you can log onto Facebook a dozen times a day, you can certainly log onto eServices!)  You never know what can happen…in the last hour, someone may have dropped from a wait list leaving that one last spot open just for you!

Getting your name on a wait list doesn’t guarantee you a seat in the class, but, unfortunately, some students will be dropped for non-payment of fees, not meeting prerequisites, or because they simply changed their schedules.  If you are #2 on the wait list, you have a good chance of getting added into the class.  If you are #20, don’t lose hope…you still need to show up on the first day.  What if the first 10 students on the wait list don’t show up and permission numbers are being given out?  If you do not show up and your name is called from the wait list, the professor will continue onto the next student.

Wherever you are on the wait list, it is IMPORTANT that you continue to monitor your status!  If you are #3 on the wait list and three students suddenly drop, then you are in.  Once you are in, you NEED TO PAY TO STAY!  Unfortunately, no one is going to send you a text message that you have to pay…you just need to remember!

But, whether you are #1 or #20, you should still plan to attend class on the first day!  By the end of the first week, you should have a better idea whether or not you will be added into the class.