Where’s your syllabus?! (01/29/15)

If you’ve already lost your syllabus (and it’s only the SECOND week of the semester!), then you better find it…like now! 

At the start of the semester, all of your professors handed out a syllabus that was specific to each class.  The syllabus is an important document that will guide you through the semester; it will tell you which chapters to read, what homework assignments are due, and when exams will be given. 

Each syllabus will also contain details such as your professor’s contact information, class website or D2L, and office hours. 

While your professors are supportive of your success, losing your syllabus is NOT a reason for you to skip class, to miss an exam, or to stop reading your textbook.  (That excuse pretty much falls under the same category as “the dog ate my homework.”)  So, once you find your syllabus, smooth out the crinkles, and place it neatly into your binder.

And…don’t lose that binder!  :)

First Financial Aid Disbursement (01/27/15)

The first disbursement (* see note below) for Financial Aid was on Friday, January 23rd.  However, to have received your grant on this day, your entire Financial Aid file must be complete.  This means that all of your required documents were received on time and processed by January 5th.

If you qualify for Financial Aid, please remember that your grant is to help you purchase textbooks and supplies so that you can succeed in your classes.  You probably have homework to do this weekend and having your textbooks will definitely keep you on track!

So, before you withdraw funds with your OneCard, there are a few important things to remeber about financial aid.  For example, financial aid is based on ACADEMIC SUCCESS!  This means that you must complete each semester with a satisfactory GPA (2.00 GPA or higher) and with satisfactory progress (complete at least 75% of your courses).

If you are unsure of your Financial Aid status or need help with understanding the different forms, log onto “My City Aid” or visit the Financial Aid Lab in Business Building 153.

* NOTE: Depending on the number of units enrolled, you may receive one disbursement for Financial Aid. Only full time and three-quarter time students will receive two disbursements this semester.

Weekly Post #2 (01/25/15)

Did you really think that you would be homework-free for the first week of the semester?

You were wrong, weren’t you?

Depending on the classes that you’re in, you’ve probably been assigned chapters to read, questions to respond to, and problems to solve.

If you need help with understanding your assignments, reviewing information, or just want to go over why it took you over 100 tries to figure out one math problem, then we know exactly who you should see: a TUTOR!

Tutors are students who have successfully completed different courses and are available to help other students who are now taking the same classes.

Not only is it free to access the Tutoring Center, Writing Lab, and Math Lab, but meeting with a tutor on a regular basis is a great way for students to build confidence with their classes, to learn new study skills, and to gain a better understanding of their assignments!

Tutoring is not just a service to help students who are struggling.  Many students who are doing well in their classes also sign up for tutoring on a regular basis to help maintain their progress and to strengthen their study skills.

Even though it is only the second week of the semester, it is not too early to sign up for tutoring!

SOS – Students Obtaining Success (01/20/15)

When you arrive to Sacramento City College for the start of the Spring 2015 semester, you may be asking yourself a lot of questions:  “Where is Lillard Hall?“, “How do I buy a parking permit?“, “Where can I print my class schedule?“, and “Where is the nearest bathroom?!?!?”

If you have a quick question, there is no reason for you to stand in the long lines at the Admissions counter or at the Counseling office – especially if you have to run to class in the next 5 minutes.

If you need help, just look for an SOS Welcome Table outside the bookstore, near the cafeteria entrance, and at the Rodda Hall breezeway.  At one of the many SOS Welcome Tables, you will be greeted by friendly staff, faculty, and administrators who will help you get to where you need to go!  If you need a campus map, an add/drop slip, or a list of student support services, those will be available for you at an SOS Welcome Table.

Sacramento City College cares about your success and there will be volunteers at each SOS Welcome Table to help you!  If you are not near an SOS Welcome Table, look for any SCC staff, faculty, or administrator to assist you.  You can easily find one of us with our name tag on!

The SOS Welcome Tables will be available for the first three days of the semester from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Afterwards, you are always welcome – and encouraged! – to utilize the many support services available on campus.

I got a permission number! (01/19/15)

You arrived to class on time, waited patiently as the instructor read names on the roster, and then crossed your fingers when the wait list was pulled out.

Being on the wait list can be tricky, but, no matter what number you are, it is important to attend class on the first day.  Even though a class my be full on eServices a lot of things can change: some students may be dropped for non-payment of fees, suddenly have a time conflict because of a new work schedule, or may be missing the prerequisite.  For these reasons, the instructor may be able to add students from the wait list…as long as those students actually show up!  Students who are able to add the class from the wait list will be given a permission number.

So, what exactly is a permission number?  A permission number gives you…well…permission to add a class that is officially closed.  As soon as you get your permission number, log onto eservices and add the class onto your schedule.  Don’t lose that number and don’t share it with your friends…that number is unique and can only be used once.  Also, there is only a small window of time when you can add a class.  Once that deadline has passed, you will need to submit a late add petition which then requires signatures from your instructor and the Dean of that department.

If you are fortunate to receive a permission number – or if you were fortunate to already be enrolled in the class – make sure to do your best to complete the course successfully.  Remember, there were many other students who wanted your seat and were unable to stay because there just wasn’t enough room to accommodate everyone.

If you need assistance with using your permission number to add a class, visit the eServices Lab in Business Building 153 or the Admissions Office in Rodda North.

(NOTE: In some cases, an instructor may not be able to hand out permission numbers on the first day and may ask students on the wait list to return on the next class meeting.  Also, the instructor will announce when the class is full and can no longer add students.  If you are not added to a particular class, check the schedule for other options.  Many classes are offered in the mornings, afternoons, evening, and on the weekends.  And don’t forget that there are two outreach centers located in Davis and West Sacramento that may have classes available!)