Classroom Behaviors: Stop Messing Around! (posted 09/17/14)

Imagine that you are in class trying to listen to an important lecture and all you hear is gum-smacking, soda-slurping, and pencil-tapping from other students around you.

Annoying, huh?

Unfortunately, turning around in your seat to give your classmates a dirty look won’t help - especially when they’re too busy to look up from texting!

As a college student, there are expectations from your professors and fellow classmates that you will behave in (and out!) of the classroom.  It’s not just about raising your hand or arriving to class on time; it’s also about being respectful, polite, and taking your education seriously.  No one wants to sit next to the person who is constantly falling asleep in class or taking selfies.

So, what exactly are unacceptable classroom behaviors?  Click on the box below to read more…

Weekly Post #4 (posted 09/15/14)

When you look back on your entire day – all 24 hours of it! – how many of your activities are actually related to college?

Unfortunately, we often get distracted by the lure of social media.  Instead of doing our homework, we would rather upload a picture on Instagram, update our status on Twitter, watch a funny video on Vine, record a snapchat, or check-in on Facebook.

If social networking is taking up a majority of your day, then it’s time to make some changes!  YOU HAVE GOT TO…

Get your STUDY on!

But, remember, being able to study doesn’t mean flipping through your textbooks and highlighting sentences that you think might be important.

Studying means being able to concentrate, to understand what you are learning, to take notes, to jot down questions, to be enthusiastic about discovering new ideas, and to be able to quiz yourself on the material that you have just reviewed.

New Students: Do NOT lose your priority registration! (posted 09/09/14)

Did you know that all new students are required to complete the “Steps to Success?”  The three steps include: 1) Orientation, 2) Assessment, and 3) iSEP.  If you do NOT complete these three steps, you will lose your Priority 1 enrollment.  This means that you will be placed in “open enrollment” AFTER all students have enrolled in classes.

In order to keep Priority 1 enrollment, you must complete all three steps BEFORE NOVEMBER 1, 2014:

Orientation:  Complete the Los Rios online orientation to learn information about student support services, college terms, rights and responsibilities, academic expectations, and enrollment fees.

Assessment:  Complete the Math and English or ESL (English as a Second Language) assessments.  Visit the Assessment Center website for the test schedule, study guides, and instructions.

iSEP:  Meet with a counselor for help with selecting the right classes and to complete an iSEP.  An iSEP (student education plan) is your “roadmap” to keep you on track toward your goals.

These three steps are tracked on your eServices account, so log in to check if you are missing any of the requirements.  Click on the tab that says “Steps to Success” and look for this box at the top of the page:

As you complete each requirement, a checkmark will be placed in the box.


1.  If you do not complete these requirements by November 1, 2014, you can still attend any of the Los Rios colleges; however, you will lost your Priority 1 enrollment.

2.  These requirements are for NEW STUDENTS only.  Students who were enrolled in Los Rios before February 1, 2014 do NOT have to complete the “Steps to Success.”  (But, of course, it’s helpful to do them anyways!)

Important information about Financial Aid (posted 09/04/14)

The first disbursement for Financial Aid was on Friday, August 29th.  To have received your grant, your entire Financial Aid file must be complete.  This means that all of your required documents were received on time and processed.

If you did receive your Financial Aid disbursement, please remember that your grant is to help you purchase textbooks and supplies so that you can succeed in your classes.  You probably have homework to do this weekend and having your textbooks will definitely keep you on track!

So, before you withdraw funds with your OneCard, there are a few important things to remeber about financial aid.  For example, financial aid is based on ACADEMIC SUCCESS!  This means that you must complete each semester with a satisfactory GPA (2.00 GPA or higher) and with satisfactory progress (complete at least 75% of your courses).

If you are unsure of your Financial Aid status or need help with understanding the different forms, log onto “My City Aid” or visit the Financial Aid Lab in Business Building 153.

Drop/Add dates (posted 08/29/14)

For full semester courses, here are the drop/add dates:

September 5 – Last day to drop classes to qualify for a refund

September 7 – Last day to officially enroll

September 7 – Last day to drop a class without a notation on your record

September 26 – Last day to petition for Pass/No Pass

Click here for a full list of dates, including full semester and short term classes.


What’s your seven digits? (posted 08/26/14)

How many times today have you been asked for your “seven digits”?

NO, NO, NO – not your phone number, but your Student ID Number!!!

Throughout the semester – especially when you visit Counseling, Admissions, and Financial Aid – you will be asked to verify your student ID number.  Yes, we know that you are NOT a number and that you DO have a name, but the ID number is one way to verify that you are part of the Los Rios Community College District.

As an SCC student, it is important to get your Student Access Card.  The Student Access Card is one of the most important forms of identification that you will need to request information, to borrow books from the library, to make copies at the printing stations on campus, and to use regional transit – including the light rail and bus.

To get your Student Access Card and your regional transit pass, you must have a valid photo ID (No, your Facebook profile picture will not work!), be currently enrolled in classes (No, being number 7 on the wait list does not count!), and not have any outstanding balance due on your account (No, an “IOU” will not be accepted!).

Student Access Cards are currently being issued and, once you get your card, you can start using it right away!  Click here to find out when, how, and where you can get your Student Access Card.

And, lastly, SMILE for the camera!

Need to meet with a counselor?

The counselors at Sacramento City College can be one of your biggest supporters on campus.  They are available to help you identify your short-term and long-term goals, to help you create a student education plan (iSEP), and to help you match your career goal to a major.

During the registration period, you will find that the Counseling Department is one of the MOST HAPPENING places on campus!  Students are waiting in the lobby for help with course selections, SAP appeals, graduation requirements, transfer applications, transcript evaluations, prerequisite verifications, and information on special majors or programs.  You will also see these students with a coveted “pink slip” in their hands.  Getting a “pink slip” means that your name is on the counseling list for the day!

So, how exactly do you meet with a counselor?  Click on the article below to find out the answer: