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Freshmen Welcome 2015

Registration is now open! 

Click here to access the online registration form.

This exciting event will take place on Tuesday, August 4th and Wednesday, August 5th.  This is an opportunity for NEW STUDENTS to attend workshops on college success, to meet new friends, and to connect to the campus community!   You can attend one day or both days!  Information on the workshops can be found on the registration site.

Information for NEW students

*NEW = starting college for the first time

Welcome to Sacramento City College!  All new students must complete the Steps to Success:

Step 1: Online Orientation  The online orientation provides an overview of the Los Rios Community College District, including support services and resources to help you succeed.

Step 2: Assessments  There are two assessments to complete: 1) Math and 2)English or English as a Second Language (ESL).  The tests help to place you into classes that match your current skill level.

Before taking the tests, visit the Assessment website to review the study guide and to check the test schedule.

Step 3: Education Plan (iSEP)  Meet with a counselor to create a student education plan (iSEP) that outlines the required courses toward your goal.  A counselor will review graduation and/or transfer requirements – including the General Education pattern, major courses, and/or electives if needed.

If you are undecided with your goal, visit the Career Center on campus to research majors of interests and related career opportunities.

Weekly Post #16 (05/12/15)

It’s Week 16…the last week before you take your final exams and say “goodbye” to the Spring 2015 semester!

But wait… don’t throw away the contents of your backpack quite yet!

We know that you are excited for the upcoming winter break, but there a just a few more things you will want to do before you close out the semester…

1.  Hold off on throwing away your homework, exams, and class binder!  You don’t have to store these items for the next 5 years, but you may want to wait until your grades are officially posted on your transcript before you toss anything in the trash.  If, for some reason, there is a discrepancy with your grade (maybe the grade posted is not what you were expecting or you think that it may be a mistake), you will want to contact your professor to discuss this.  (Note:  Contact your professor immediately; don’t wait to discuss this a year later!)  It helps to have your previous assignments with you in case there is a question with your scores.

2. The Spring 2015 semester is almost over, but did you remember to enroll for Fall 2015?  If you haven’t enrolled for classes yet, you need to do so right now at this moment…or at least when your enrollment date comes up!  Hopefully, your new schedule will include important classes – like Math and English – along with other GE and/or major courses.  It helps if you have already met with a counselor to discuss your educational goals and your future classes.  If not, don’t hesitate any longer…but, please be patient if you find that the Counseling Office is abuzz with students.  They are probably there to do the same thing as you!

3.  Pay your tuition.  So, you’ve enrolled in classes already and you have a schedule that perfectly fits your work and family responsibilities…but, if you haven’t paid your tuition within 14 days, you will be dropped.  (If you qualify for a fee waiver, your tuition is covered.)  But, getting dropped from your classes isn’t even the bad part of it all…trying to get back into those same classes is what’s going to be tough!

4.  Before the next semester begins (you know when that is, right?), log onto eServices again.  Sometimes things may change:  there is a new location for a class, a professor has been assigned where it previously read “TBA,” or there is an orientation date for an online class that you must attend.  Check your schedule to make sure that there are no surprises or big changes.  (And, in case you didn’t know, the Fall 2015 semester officially begins on August 22, 2015.)

5.  Return your library books, pay your fines, and take care of your holds.  If you think you owe a balance or may be on dismissal status, you can log onto eServices to find out what needs to be cleared.  You will need to take care of these items in order to enroll for the Spring 2015 semester.  In some cases, like a “dismissal” hold, there are important deadlines and instructions to follow.

6.  Follow-up with financial aid if needed.  The best way to do this is to log onto “My City Aid” and to check your status.  If any questions or concerns arise, then contact or visit the Financial Aid office on campus.  Also, if there are documents or forms that you need to complete, then get this done as soon as possible.

and lastly…

7.  Give yourself a pat on the back for completing your first semester of college!  As you prepare for the next semester, think back on this experience and ask yourself what you want to do differently, what your goals are for Fall 2015, and what you have learned about yourself.  Even if the semester didn’t go as smoothly as you wanted or the transition from high school was a difficult one, be proud of yourself for making this important decision to attend college.  We want you to return to SCC with new motivation, confidence, and focus to achieve your goals!


Meet with a Counselor!

Remember the end of last semester when you stood in line outside the Counseling Office only to discover that all of the “quick question” slots were filled and that the next appointment wasn’t until 2 weeks away?

You vowed that you would never put yourself in that situation again…EVER!

So, where have you been?!?!  Counselors have been waiting for you!

If you haven’t met with a counselor, this is the right time to do so!  Even though we are in “Open Enrollment,” it is NOT too late to sign up for classes. 

SCC counselors are here to assist you with understanding the path you will take to reach your educational goal.  They want you to take the right classes, in the right sequence, and at the right time!

Click below for tips on how to…