Senior Saturday (for HIGH SCHOOL students)

As a senior (Class of 2014…Holla!!!!!), this is one of the most exciting times of your high school education…you are nearing GRADUATION!

But, before you put on your cap and gown (and way before senior picnic, senior ball, and senior grad night!), you will need to start preparing for college NOW.  And, we hope that Sacramento City College is number one on your list!

One of the best ways to get ready for college is to attend Senior Saturdays at Sacramento City College.  During “Senior Saturday,” you will have the opportunity to complete the “Getting In” process, to get information about financial aid, to learn about student support services, and to meet wonderful staff, faculty, and administrators who care about your success.  And the cool part is that you get to do all of this in just ONE DAY!

There are three “Senior Saturday” events, but you only have to attend one session.  This is a popular event with high school seniors, so make sure to reserve your spot for one of the following days: February 22nd, March 8th, and March 22nd.  Don’t let those pesky symptoms of “senioritis” prevent you from taking part in this great event!

Also, be aware that you will be completing the assessments for Math and English during “Senior Saturday.”  Here are a few things to know about the assessments:

1.  There is no fee to take the Math and English assessments.

2.  These are not “pass” or “fail” scorings…you cannot be denied to attend Sacramento City College because of your assessment results.

3.  Before you take the assessments, you can review and study for them.  Click here for tips and strategies on the assessments.

Lastly, for more information and to complete an application, click on the following link:  SENIOR SATURDAYS

Oh…and one more thing…you can invite a parent (or two) to attend this event with you!  They are also an important part of your college success.  But, don’t worry, they won’t hang with you during the entire event…they can participate in the “Parent Lounge.”