Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Sacramento City College is an open-access, comprehensive community college, serving a diverse student population. We provide a wide range of educational opportunities and support services leading to transfer, career advancement, basic skills development, degree and certificate attainment, and personal enrichment. Our commitment to continuous improvement through outcome-guided assessment, planning, and evaluation promotes student learning. Through these efforts, we contribute to the intellectual, cultural, and economic vitality of the community.

Our Vision

Sacramento City College seeks to create a learning community that celebrates diversity, nurtures personal growth, and inspires academic and economic leadership.

Our Values

Working Together
Pursuing Excellence
Inspiring Achievement



The Mission Statement was approved by the Los Rios Community College Board of Trustees at its January 20, 2010 meeting.  The Mission Statement, along with the Vision, Values, and Goals guides the strategic planning for SCC.  For more information on SCC planning see the PRIE Planning and Resource Allocation webpage.