SCC Readmission Workshops

As part of the Readmission Process, workshops are provided for students on Academic and/or Progress Dismissal.


How to register

Click on the month below to view available workshop dates.  Then click on the workshop that says “OPEN” to register.  * Please schedule yourself for only ONE workshop.  Once you submit your application you are immediately scheduled for that workshop appointment.

* Please note space is limited.  If you schedule more than one workshop all workshop appointments will be cancelled. For more information, call 558-2147.

When: Arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled workshop. Late arrivals will NOT be admitted.
Where: All workshops will be held in a location STS 123.  Please meet in the lobby. A SCC Staff member will come get you.
What to bring: (1.) photo ID (2.) Sacramento City College student ID number (3.) pencil & notepad

MARCH 2016

Tuesday, March 29th201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDB153
Thursday, March 31st, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDB153

APRIL 2016

 Tuesday, April 5th, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDCity Cafe #2
 Thursday, April 7th, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDB153
 Monday, April 11th, 20164:00pm-6:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
 Tuesday, April 12th, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDB153
 Thursday, April 14th, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDB153
 Tuesday, April 19th, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDB153
 Thursday, April 21st, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDB153
 Tuesday, April 26th, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDB153
 Tuesday, April 26th, 20164:00pm-6:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
 Thursday, April 28th, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDB153




MAY 2016

 Tuesday, May 3rd, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDB153
 Wednesday, May 4th, 20164:00pm-6:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
 Thursday, May 5th, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDB153
 Tuesday, May 10th, 20164:00pm-6:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
 Thursday, May 19th, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
 Tuesday, May 24th, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
 Thursday, May 26th, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123

JUNE 2016

Wednesday, June 1st, 20164:00pm-6:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
Friday, June 3rd, 201611:00am-1:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
Monday, June 6th, 20164:00pm-6:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
Tuesday, June 14, 201612:00pm-2:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
Wednesday, June 22, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
Friday, June 24, 201611:00am-1:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
Tuesday, June 28, 20164:00pm-6:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123

JULY 2016

Wednesday, July 6th, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
Friday, July 8th, 20161:00pm-3:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
Tuesday, July 12th, 201611:00am-1:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
Thursday, July 14th, 20164:00pm-6:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
Monday, July 18th, 20164:00pm-6:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
Wednesday, July 20th, 201610:00am-12:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
Tuesday, July 26th, 201612:00pm-2:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
Thursday, July 28th, 20162:00pm-4:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123


Thursday, August 4th20169:00am-11:00amCLOSEDSTS 123
Monday, August 8th201611:00am-1:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123
Tuesday, August 9th201611:00am-1:00pmCLOSEDSTS 123