SCC Assessment Retest Policy

English and Math

Students may retest in math, reading and English one time following a 24 hour wait period. After the second test, students may retest with a Counselor Referral after a minimum  waiting period of 4 months. Students should see their Counselor to discuss the retest referral.

♦ No English assessment retest may occur until the results of the English Essay have been posted, if applicable.

ESL (English as a Second Language)

Retesting is only allowed with approval from the ESL Department. Students should contact the ESL Department on the campus where the last ESL test was taken.

SCC students wishing to discuss the challenge process should go to the ESL Department in Rodda South room 226.

Reading Competency for Graduation

The Reading Competency for Graduation test may be taken 3 times in a lifetime (District-wide). Please note that your first Reading or English placement test counts as one of your three attempts!

Math Competency for Graduation

Math Competency for Graduation may be taken no more than four times in any two year period (District-wide) and no more than twice in a semester or once during the summer session. Students must bring the Math Competency Information Form signed by a counselor when they take the test.

Chemistry Diagnostic Exam

The Chemistry exam may be taken 1 time each semester with a minimum of 30 days in between tests. Students must get a referral for retesting from a counselor.