Math Placement

Math Competency  or math placement test?

All new students are required to take math placement tests. The placement test is not pass or fail. Students completing their math placement test will be placed into the appropriate level of math.

Math Competency for Graduation Exam is a test that students take to satisfy their math competency for AA or AS degree.  It is not a placement test . It is pass or fail.



Students can be placed into one of the following math courses at SCC:

Level 1 – Math 27 or Math 28 – Arithmetic (3 units)

Level 2 – Math 34 – Algebra Readiness (4 units)

Level 3 – Math 100 – Elementary Algebra (5 units)

Level 4 – Math 120 – Intermediate Algebra ( 5 units) or Math 123 Intermid. Algebra Part I (3 units)

Level 5 – Math  300 – Math. Idea (3 units),  Math 335 Trigonometry (3 units) – Statistic 300 (4 units)

Level 6 – Math 350 -Calculus for Social & Life Sciences I (3 units) or Math 370 Pre-Calculus(5 units)

Level 7 – Math 400 – Calculus I (5 units)


 Math Placement test:

  •  There are three (3) tests on the math assessment: Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra and College Level Math (CLM)
  • Depending on how you answer background questions prior to the test and scores you receive on test, you may take one, two or three tests.
  • Results are available immediately upon completion
  • These tests may take approximately one hour, but there is no time limit

For the Math placement test schedule, see Test Schedules in the menu bar above.


 Retest Policy:

Students may repeat an assessment test for a math test once without a referral from a counselor.  After the second test, students may retest with a counselor referral after a minimum waiting period of 4 months.