Hall of Fame

NameYears at SCCSport(s) Played
 Kim (Gonzalez) Craven1992 Softball
 Carl Littlefield1935-36 Football / Rugby (posthumously)
 Charlene Manley1987-88 Softball
Beyonka (McDowell) Marshall2003Track & Field
Jamie Nieto1995-97Track & Field
Don Ramos1957-59Track & Field
Tony Stathos1951Baseball (posthumously)
Kristen Sullivan1996-97Volleyball
Seneca Wallace1999-2000Football
Larry Wolfe1972-73Baseball / Basketball

All Nominees

Five years must have elapsed since the candidate was affiliated with SCC.

Note: All candidates must have a strong recommendation from someone!


The candidate must have exhibited outstanding athletic success, having achieved the highest level of accomplishment in his/her sport at SCC and/or by continued demonstration of his/her abilities following SCC competition.

The candidate must have exhibited outstanding qualities of leadership, citizenship, and academic performance.


  • Win/Loss record
  • Championships
  • Service to school/community
  • Innovation/pioneer
  • Sponsorship of state level activities


  • Some involvement with athletics
  • Contributes to growth and change
  • Proactive and visible

Past student athlete, administrator, or coach who excelled after leaving SCC

  • Elected official who made a difference/excelled
  • Decorated for service (Purple Heart, accomplished in helping others)
  • Community service
  • Excelled at a four year college
  • Participated on National or International teams
  • Excelled in professional sports

Nominee Information


Sport(s) Played


Other Sport(s) Played


Athletics and Academic Achievements


Nominator's Information



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