Ways to Share Rides (Car Pooling)

City of Sacramento Car Pool Spaces on 12th Avenue

The City of Sacramento controls permit parking in about 30 spaces along the north side of the college on 12th Avenue. The permits are limited and require application to the city. Information may be obtained by calling 916-808-5354 or visiting their offices at 921 10th Street, Suite 100.


Sacramento Rideshare

Potential carpool partners may be found by completing an online Rideshare application at www.sacregion511.org or www.cityofsacramento.org. (link to their website)

You will need to provide your schedule and major cross streets near your destinations. You may also call 1-800-COMMUTE if you prefer.


Student Leadership and Development Rideshare Matching Bulletin Board

The Student Leadership and Development office keeps a rideshare bulletin board for those who wish to post cards to help them find riders or rides. The rideshare bulletin board is located on the first floor of the South Gym. The college assumes no responsibility for rides or riders other than maintaining the rideshare board. Call 916-558-2381 for more information.