The Career Center offers many tools to assist employers in their recruitment process. All interested employers are welcome to attend the Career Day, recruit on campus year round, conduct on site interviews, conduct workshops, and post employment opportunities!

Career Center Office

Career Center Hours

Monday – Friday
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Posting Jobs

The Career Center welcomes employers who are interested in recruiting and hiring SCC students! Employers are more than welcome to visit our campus and recruit our students. Start posting jobs through Los Rios Internships & Career Services (LINCS) – job postings will be viewable to all students within the Losrios Community College District. Employers can also email the Career Center this form at SCC-CareerCenter@scc.losrios.edu to post positions on campus.

LINCS combines three college services that assist students and alumni with career training and employment needs. The Career Center, CalWORKS, and Co-op Work Experience and Internship Programs have teamed together to meet your recruitment and job or internship search needs…and it’s free!

There is no charge and once approved, your postings will be available for viewing by all students attending the Los Rios Community College District who are signed up with this database:  Sacramento City College, Folsom Lake College, Cosumnes River College, and American River College.

Before posting a position, please read the Employer Job Posting Policies and Disclaimer.

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On Campus Job Posting

Recruitment on Campus

Visit our campus. Employers can make arrangements for recruiting directly on campus by contacting our office at 916-558-2565 to reserve a date and space.

Employers are encouraged to contact the Career Center a minimum of 7 business days before the preferred recruitment day.

Further assistance in posting jobs

Not tech-savvy? It’s okay! To start posting jobs, please email SCC-CareerCenter@scc.losrios.edu the job descriptions and/or job flyers. Once the Career Center receives a description of the positions, and then job flyers will be created and posted into the Career Center’s job binders and bulletin board. Please allow a minimum of 3 business days for jobs to be posted. Jobs posted through this option will only be accessible by SCC students. For further information, please contact the Career Center at 916-558-2565.