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Mariana Sousa

Marianna Sousa, SCC’s current Student Senate President, has won election to the Los Rios Community College District Board of Trustees as the student representative for the 2016-17 academic year. Marianna will be sworn in at the June 8 board meeting.

Marianna is a communications major, and has served as the Student Senate President this academic year. Among her many accomplishments are creating the college’s first Safety Day event.

Congratulations, Marianna!

photo of woman holding tablet: new Message Center in eServices

The Los Rios Message Center in eServices is a new communications tool for all students.  It will provide you with secure and timely information sent directly to you from your college or colleges.  New messages will be marked in red, right next to the Message Center link on the home page of eServices.  Initially, you can expect to find messages from the Financial Aid Office.  In the future, you’ll also receive messages about registration, deadlines, and other important items.

Check it out today!

screenshot: new Message Center in eServices

Advanced Education

High school students who have turned 16 or finished their sophomore year are eligible to take classes at Sacramento City College for FREE* through a program called “Advanced Education.” Follow the links below to find out what classes and options are available, and how to apply.

Take a summer course or two and get a jump on your college career.

*Applies to enrollment fees only; books and other student charges still apply.

Sacramento City College Advanced Education

Los Rios Community College Advanced Education



We know this can be the tough part of the semester. Tests and homework may seem to be a big challenge.

But we want to encourage you stick it out if you possibly can.


Because “It Pays to Stay!”

Research has continually shown that those with a certificate or associate’s degree earn quite a bit more per year, and over a lifetime, than those with only a high school education. The most recent statistics show that those with an associate’s degree earn about $100 more per week than those with only a high school education. That translates to approximately $5,000 per year and $200,000 during a work span.

So, keep up the good work. It Pays to Stay!

UTP Pass

In September 2015, Los Rios students approved a new Univeral Transit Pass (UTP)  fee that allows students to use all public transit bus and light rail systems at a greatly reduced rates in Sacramento, El Dorado, Amador and Yolo counties, and the cities of Folsom and Elk Grove.

Effective with the Spring 2016 semester, the UTP fee charged to students is changing, along with how the UTP works. Here’s the latest information:


  • A UTP is available to eligible students who enroll in more than three (3) units at any one college in the district, have a photo ID and have paid ALL fees.
  • The UTP fee will vary depending on the number of units a student is enrolled in at $2.10 per unit, up to a maximum of $31.50 (if enrolled in 15 or more units across the District).  For example, a student enrolled in 4 units will pay $8.40; a student enrolled in 10 units will pay $21.00; a student enrolled in 12 units will pay $25.20.
  • Students enrolled in 3 or fewer units at any one college may purchase a monthly Regional Transit pass for half the regular rate at any Los Rios College Business Services Office (the rate is currently $100 for a basic monthly RT pass, so the rate for Los Rios College students is $50).
  • There is NO reduction in fees for students who have a BOG fee waiver.


  • All summer students enrolled in summer session will be charged the same UTP fee (regardless of unit load) – That fee is $10.
  • There is NO reduction in fees for students who have a BOG fee waiver.

For more information, go to the Los Rios website: