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Patty Blomberg, a longtime Psychology professor at Sac City, was remembered by her family, friends, students and colleagues during a noontime memorial Sept. 29 as a caring instructor with indefatigable energy and a tireless advocate for those battling HIV/AIDS.
Blomberg, who taught at SCC for 40 years, passed away on Sept. 17. She was chiefly responsible for bringing the now famous “Condom Cart” to campus, which she used to promote safe sexual relations and health.
Near the end of the memorial, those in attendance blew bubbles as a way to send their personal thoughts of Patty into the cosmos.

Honor guard

Got Your Six is the Sacramento City College Veteran Student Mentoring Program.

A Got Your Six Veteran Mentor can help veteran students transition from service to school as well as help connect new veteran students to campus resources. The Veterans Resource Center encourages any veteran student interested in becoming a mentor, or in requesting a mentor, to stop by the office at our new location in the Performing Arts Center, PAC 101.

To request a mentor for fall semester contact the VRC by calling 916-650-2951 or stop by the VRC in PAC 101.

Want to become a mentor? Stop by the VRC or complete the online form that is now available.

Open Classes

Numerous seats in numerous classes remain throughout the college.

Please check the Open Class list by clicking on the “Open Classes” link at the top of the student essentials list. There are three ways to check current class availability, and all are there on that link.

If your schedule allows, and it fits within your education plan please consider taking one more class. There are still plenty of openings.

New Home Page

Four new elements have been added to the SCC Website home page. We hope you will find them filled with important information.

You should notice the first one. It is the blue “Apply Now” box/button on the main site navigation bar. Like many colleges, we want our website to be a place where potential students can apply and register. This button will direct anyone to the Los Rios application webpage.

The other three are a bit less noticeable, but still important. On the same navigation bar as “Apply Now” are two new buttons as well. The first is “Campus Life” and is filled with important information of programs, events and services for students outside the classroom. This section of the website will be updated frequently so everyone will know what is happening on campus. The second one is called “SCC at 100” and is a link to our special 100th anniversary website. In case you did not know, SCC turns 100 this year. There are a lot of events and special activities planned to help us celebrate this milestone.

Finally, on the very top line of the homepage is a new link called “Bienvenidos”. This links to a special section of the website that has been translated into Spanish. SCC is an Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and it is important for us to provide access to the Spanish speaking in this way.

Once again, we hope you take advantage of these new tools on the SCC Home Page!

Photo of seven smiling male and female Pacific Islander and Native American Students who participated in the summer residential program at UCLA.

Sacramento City College counselors recently took Pacific Islander and Native American students on a trip they will never forget. The group visited UCLA for the Native and Pacific Islander Site Program and returned to SCC with a newfound sense of motivation to transfer and a desire to pass on what they have learned to the college community.

The week-long program gave students an understanding of the transfer process, team/community building, Native American and Pacific Islander history, and presentations from Native and Pacific Islander community leaders.

From the UCLA NPI Site Program website: “Native and Pacific Islander Summer Intensive Transfer Experience Program is a 6 day residential program at UCLA. Students learn to navigate the community college system with the goal of transferring and making a smooth transition to a University of California campus. The program focuses on the history, educational pipeline, and resources available to Native American and Pacific Islander communities.

photo of young woman with laptop computer

Looking for online courses to include in your educational plan? Many of the general education courses you need are available online!

There are plenty of classes still open for Fall, but act soon!

First visit the Online General Education page for the list of general education courses that are routinely offered.

Then check the class schedule for the course number to use when enrolling via eServices.

Pokémon GO map at Sacramento City College

One of the most active spots for Pokémon GO hunting and training in Sacramento is the campus of Sacramento City College. With over 20 Pokéstops plus 2 Gyms on campus, you can really level up here! Lots of people have discovered this rich source of Pokémon GO fun and are milling around on these warm summer days.

A complete guide to our Pokéstops and Gyms is below. But first, have you heard about our outstanding degree and transfer programs related to this game play?

SCC Programs for Video Game Design Teams

The creation of Pokémon GO required a huge team of people with skills in the following fields:

Pokémon GO Gym and Pokéstop Guide to Sacramento City College

SCC Pokestop and gymGyms

Our gyms are regularly changing team color throughout each day, so you know there’s a lot of battle action at SCC.

The SCC Pokémon East Gym is located just north of the fountain at the Performing Arts Center (PAC).

The SCC Pokémon West Gym is located at the light rail station on the east side of campus.

There’s a third Gym across the street at the entry to William Land Park too!


Pokemon Go pokestops at Sacramento City College

Click for a larger version

Pokéstops can be found at the following SCC landmarks. Let us know if we missed any!

Those marked with an hearts are frequently set with lures:

  • entry to Performing Arts Center Pokemon go lure
  • entry to Student Services
  • SCC map at H parking lot
  • SCC plaque at entry to main quad Pokemon go lure
  • Wall of Honor Insignes between Rodda North and Rodda South
  • entry to Learning Resource Center Pokemon go lure
  • breezeway of Lillard Hall Pokemon go lure
  • Mohr Hall
  • entry to Reprographics
  • SCC sign at southwest corner of campus
  • Jessica Smith plaque at southwest corner of campus
  • Hughes Stadium
  • Hughes Stadium plaque
  • Happy Family Statue at Hughes Stadium
  • Union Stadium
  • SCC sign at southeast corner of campus
  • south entry to Student Center Pokemon go lure
  • South Gym
  • east side of Parking Structure
  • panther statue at College Store
  • Bob’s Mural at West parking lot
  • Gregory Kondos Gallery Pokemon go lure
  • Art Court Theatre

Just this morning, a CP 595 Growlithe, a CP 238 Venomoth and a CP 275 Kadabra were caught wild on campus. Come build your Pokédex at Sacramento City College!


Freshmen Welcome is a great opportunity for new students to learn how to be successful in college, meet their peers and connect with the campus.

The event is held on Aug. 2 and Aug. 3. There will be workshops on topics such as study skills, time management, and college expectations. Students may attend one day or both.

Incoming freshmen can register for the event at

Check-in begins at 8:30 a.m. in front of the Student Center at the SCC main campus.


Cyber Canmp

About 30 local high school and junior high school students spent three days learning about Cyber security at the second annual Cyber Patriot Camp in the Busniess building of the main campus.

By participating for the second year in  row, SCC will received software and a hands-on curriculum kit designed by the Air Force Association to teach students cyber safety, cyber ethics, and critical network security skills and tools.