SCC/UCD Scanning Electron Microscopy Collaboration

Our project brings SCC students over to the UC Davis Keck Spectral Imaging Facility to use a Hitachi S-4100 Cold Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM). At SCC, this collaboration is coordinated by Bill Miller. At UC Davis, this collaboration is coordinated by Gang-yu Liu and Alan Hicklin.

Our interns are responsible for sample preparation at SCC and SEM imaging at UC Davis.

Fall 2012: Jonathan Teeple and Lillian Kuang

Spring 2013: Mike Flores and Elias Misker

Fall 2013: Caitlin Ellis* and Kyungjoo Park
*Caitlin Ellis was an intern during Spring 2013 as well.

Image Galleries:
Hair Images

Fiber Images
Pollen Images
HPLC Particles
GC Column Cross-sections

PowerPoint Presentation: Scanning Electron Microscopy: An Introduction