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The word processing certificate introduces students to microcomputer concepts and skills in the most widely used word processing software package currently used in the United States. This certificate allows students to bring basic computer knowledge and word processing skills to entry level positions. It provides students with electronic documentation of all past and current educational and professional accomplishments and experiences to fit individual job requirements in business companies, private non-profit organizations, government agencies, and legal firms. It also enables students to have direct work experience utilizing word processing software skills.

Word processing skills are in high demand by nearly every organization, company, or agency. Entry-level clerical, secretarial, and receptionist positions traditionally use software packages designed for word processing of memos and correspondence, reports, and manuals.

With the increased demand for and integration of technology in the work place, the demand for employees competent in manipulating text has evolved to other computer-related office positions. Particularly in the current job market, basic text processing skills are essential. Such positions include: office assistants and clerks, information and records clerks, and correspondence clerks. Based on recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (2008-2018) figures, job demands in these areas will grow an average of 14.4% annually and will continue to exceed the number of available and trained workers.

Additionally, areas such as web site design, accounting or bookkeeping, banking, and supervisory/managerial positions require some skills in text processing as integral parts of the job.

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • demonstrate competency in basic Windows operating system terminology and commands, file management and storage, and data input.
  • demonstrate competency using a word processing software system.
  • recognize and identify word processing terminology, styles, libraries, and settings.
  • describe and analyze word processing concepts and theories to interpret and operate appropriate applications.
  • explain and use all formatting components within presentation quality documents (including all format commands and codes, tables, and different tab and indent settings).
  • design and complete presentation quality business materials without the use of the help feature or templates.
  • analyze and apply appropriate word processing features (e.g., line and page numbering, headers/footers) to complete typical business reports and documents.
  • organize and complete a multi-page business document incorporating advanced document features (e.g., graphics, outlining, macro, and merge).
  • identify Internet laws, guidelines, and security and privacy issues and select specific on-the-job applications.
  • explain and use asynchronous and synchronous communication tools.

 Certificate of Achievement

The Certificate of Achievement may be obtained by completion of the required program with grades of “C” or better or equivalent.