Web Development

What is Web Development?  Web development is a growing field of interest as more and more jobs require employees to manage information on web sites, particularly as the internet is now the primary source of information and communication for most businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Careers in web can involve designing the visual appeal of web graphics and the user experience, programming and scripting to connect a database to a website, handling the day-to-day administration of a site, or combinations of all of these. Professionals in this field typically work in an office environment, where they meet with clients to design websites or create those sites on a computer.  Both full- and part-time work are available.

Job Opportunities

Steady growth is expected in this industry, particularly in organizations that have a strong online presence such as shopping sites and online media and web service companies. The technical knowledge gained from a Webmaster Certificate, or from a Degree or Certificate in Web Development, will assist you in gaining an entry-level position in web development. A Bachelor Degree in information technology is often the minimum requirement for many positions in larger organizations. Some professionals in web development opt to become independent consultants, particularly if they have a broad range of technical skills and are business-savvy. Salary varies widely in this field depending on education, experience, and location.

Necessary Skills

Because information technology is constantly evolving, professionals in web must be willing to learn new technologies. Individuals need to be able to pay attention to details and work well with deadlines.  Professionals in this field need to be creative to design new websites and new graphics for existing websites.  Communication skills are extremely important. This means you need to ask the right questions to understand a client’s business needs, and you need to be able to explain how your recommendations will meet those needs. An understanding of marketing and business will also help you become more efficient at your job and more marketable to potential employers.

Pathways to Completion

Check out the different degree and certificate options below. Get an idea of what major-related courses you'd need to take each semester to graduate in two years. Meet with a counselor or chat with your professor to find out what the best option is for you.

  • Active Server Pages Developer

    This career certificate is designed to prepare students to develop, design, manage, and create Websites using Active Server Pages (ASP).

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  • Web Developer

    Web Developers are proficient at creating Web site structure and interactivity. The Web Developer Certificate requires students to use database tools and custom applications to design, code, and test… MORE >>

  • Webmaster Level 1

    Webmasters are proficient at blending the art of Web page coding with the visual arts to create pages that are content rich and visually pleasing. They are skilled with… MORE >>

  • Webmaster Level 2

    Webmasters are practitioners of communication via the World Wide Web who are proficient in the technical aspects of Web site design and development, as well as the implementation and… MORE >>