CIS Resources

If you’re looking for CIS resources that are specific to some of your CIS classes, you’re in the right spot.

CISC 310, Introduction to Computer Information Science

MS-DOS Commands – This PDF handout lists common MS-DOS commands used to manipulate files and directories at the Command prompt. It includes brief explanations and examples.

Programming Courses

Tips for Reducing Problems with Your Programs – This PDF handout is helpful in CISP 301 and other programming courses. It identifies programming problems that students often encounter and provides tips on how to resolve them. Advice is also given to help avoid problems in the first place. Numerous tips and examples are included.

CISP 360 Tools – Linux, Vi, G++, and WS-FTP – This PDF handout describes the use of various tools that are commonly helpful to students in CISP 360.

Using printf and scanf – Intended for CISP 360 students, this PDF handout describes the use of printf and scanf.

Student Web Pages

Students can access their webpages on the student web server.

Web Development and Internet Courses

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)


CyberDuck offers a free FTP client for MAC.

WinSCP is a free and open-source SFTP, SCP, and FTP client for Microsoft Windows.

WS_FTP LE is a free FTP client offered by Ipswitch File Transfer.


Text Editors


NoteTab can be used as a text or HTML editor.

Text Wrangler is a free text editor for MAC OSX.


Tutorials and Other


W3 Schools Tutorials include learning HTML/CSS, JavaScript, the server side, HML, and web building.

Hex Color Code Chart and Generator helps you generate your own custom colors and color schemes.


Validation Services


W3 Markup Validation Service

W3 CSS Validation Service