SCC Administration

College President
Kathryn E. Jeffery, Ph.D.

Vice President, Administration
Robert J. Martinelli

Vice President, Instruction
Mary K. Turner, Ed.D.

Vice President, Student Services
Michael C. Poindexter

Associate Vice President, Economic and Workforce Development
Rick J. Ida

Associate Vice President, Enrollment and Student Services
Debra J. Luff, Ed.D.

Associate Vice President, General Education and Outreach Programs
Julia Jolly

Administrative Services Director
Gregory L. Hayman

College Advancement Director
Mary M. Leland

College Store Manager
Randy Clem

Public Information Officer
Amanda Davis


Advanced Technology
Donnetta Webb

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Jesus (Frank) Malaret

Deborah L. Saks, Ph.D.

Counseling and Student Success
Kimberly McDaniel

Davis Outreach Center
Donald Palm

Financial Aid and Student Services
Christine V. Hernandez

Humanities and Fine Arts
Chris R. Iwata

Information Technology
Elaine Ader, Ph.D.

Kinesiology, Health and Athletics
Mitchell L. Campbell

Language and Literature
Albert Garcia

Learning Resources
Rhonda Rios Kravitz, D.P.A.

Mathematics/Statistics & Engineering
Anne E. Licciardi

Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness
Marybeth Buechner, Ph.D.

Science and Allied Health
James Collins, J.D.

West Sacramento Outreach Center