The Counseling Center is a great place to plan your future, with information and a variety of services for your success.

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Our Counseling Services


Counselors are available to assist you in clarifying and planning your academic goals.

We can help you:

  • get information on certificate, associate degree and/or transfer options
  • complete an educational plan (iSEP)
  • advise you on the requirements for transfer before you apply with the Transfer Center.


A career goal should be based on your own unique interests, personal values, aptitude, and life experiences. You and your counselor can explore and select the best major and career goal for you. Resources and workshops in the Career Center are highly recommended.


We recognize that life does not always run smoothly. Going to school and dealing with obstacles that sometimes get in the way, can be a stressful experience. For that reason, we provide confidential, short-term, non-therapeutic counseling.

  • How to Meet with a Counselor

  • Steps to Success

    Thank you for choosing Sacramento City College!  If you are a new student and have never attended college, you must complete Orientation, Assessment, and Counseling/Educational Planning in order to enroll… MORE >>

  • Programs of Study Overview

  • General Education

    A comprehensive education serves to develop the creativity, critical thinking, ethical behavior, and self-understanding that are essential to the attainment of personal goals and to participate in a society… MORE >>

  • Graduation Requirements

    To plan your path to graduation, work with a counselor to create an iSEP (individual student educational plan).

    This will be a “road map” to your educational goal and you… MORE >>

  • Counselor Listing