UCD Co-op Program

UCDThe Davis Center has a unique partnership with UC Davis. We provide basic skills courses for current UC Davis students to enhance their success in English writing, (and mathematics, and chemistry during the fall semester). The courses are offered on campus at UC Davis and they operate on the UC Davis academic calendar. Parking at UC Davis costs $8 daily.

Here is a listing of the classes. They are open for enrollment starting March 31, 2014.



SCC #Day/TimeLocationInstructor
701EMW 10:00AM-11:50AMF 11:00AM-11:50AMYoung 192Fore, Dana
702EMW 12:10PM-2:00PMF 12:10PM-1:00PMWICKSN 1038Salazar, Rosalinda
703EMW 2:10PM-4:00PMF 2:10PM-3:00PMHUNT 110Waltonen, Karma
704ETR 6:10PM-8:25PM OLSON 267Denman, Tiffany
705ETR 4:10PM-6:25PM WELLMN 27Milos, Nathan
701PTR 12:10PM-2:00PMF 12:10PM-1:00PMOLSON 151Akin, Angela
701SMW 10:00AM-11:50AMF 10:00AM-10:50AMHART 1106Mahmood, Iqbal
702SMW 2:10PM-4:00PMF 2:10PM-3:00PMSOCSCI 70Parrett, Elisa
703STR 10:00AM-11:50AMF 11:00AM-11:50AMHART 1106Treon, Caron
704SMW 8:00AM-9:50AMF 9:00AM-9:50AMHART 1106Kellogg, Cynthia
705SMW 12:10PM-2:00PMF 12:10PM-1:00PMSOCSCI 70O’Brien, Sandra
706SMW 2:10PM-4:00PMF 2:10PM-3:00PMOLSON 151Beuttel, Michelle
707SMW 4:10PM-6:30PM OLSON 151Parrett, Elisa
708SMW 6:10PM-8:30PM SOCSCI 70Graham, Heather
709STTH 2:10PM-4:00PMF 2:10PM-3:00PMOLSON 159Milos, Nathan
710STTH 8:00AM-9:50AMF 9:00AM-9:50AMSOCSCI 70O’Neill, Zachary
711STTH 6:10PM-8:25PM HART 1106Garcia, Anna
712STTH 4:10PM-6:25PM SOCSCI 70Jones, Evan
713SMW 10:00AM-11:50AMF 10:00AM-10:50AMSOCSCI 70Akin, Angela
714SMW 8:00AM-9:50AMF 8:00AM-8:50AMSOCSCI 70Fernandez, Joshua
715STTH 8:00AM-9:50AMF 8:00AM-8:50AMHART 1106Waltonen, Karma