EOPS Counseling

The Counseling support is the “HEART” of the EOPS program. Our EOPS Counselors are there to help EOPS students deal with any issue that may impact their ability to perform academically. These issues may include personnel, family, crisis, academic, career and transfer issues. Once in the EOPS program, you are assigned your own counselor who you would see for your academic question and educational planning.

Meet Our EOPS Counselors

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Priority Registration

EOPS Students enroll in classes BEFORE the general student population. This means our students get first shot at enrolling in the classes they need, at the time they want, with the teacher they want, at the location they want.

EOPS Book Assisstance

As funds are available, all eligible students will receive a book assistance each semester. The amount of the assistance is based on the funds received from the state each year. Also EOPS has books available through its lending library. Books vary depending on textbook adoptions.

All textbooks are purchased through the Sacramento City College Book Store.

The Book Voucher is a one time transaction.

If you buy books that cost more than the Book stipend, you must pay the difference. If you buy less than the amount allowed, the balance will be put “on account” for you. You may use the balance anytime before the deadline date.

If you plan to take 2nd/3rd six-week or 2nd nine -week courses you should also purchase these books before the deadline date.

You must use the Book assistance before the deadline date!

Student Survival Kits

EOPS wants to make sure students are ready to learn once they are in class. We provide our students with supplies so they have the proper tools to be successful students.

EOPS Tutoring

You can apply for tutoring services the first day of school, don’t wait! We recommend that you apply within the first two weeks of school to make sure you get a tutor. Tutoring services provided by EOPS and the college are free.

Go to the Learning Resource Center, room LR-144. Let them know you are an EOPS student.

If a tutor is available, they will give you a Tutorial Referral Form. Complete the top part of the form and take it to the EOPS office for completion.

One of the EOPS staff will complete the bottom portion, and the EOPS Coordinator or counselor will sign the form.

Take the Tutorial Referral Form back to the Learning Resource Center, room LR-144 immediately.  Be sure to keep your scheduled tutoring appointments! If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call the Learning Resource Center at 558-2258 to cancel.

EOPS Workshops

The EOPS counselors develop a number of workshops designed to help you be more successful in college. Topics include educational planning, careers, stress management, time management, etc.