Sexual Harassment / Discrimination Complaints

The Sexual Harassment Officer is charged with protecting the personal and civil rights of students, faculty, and staff with regard to gender and sexual orientation. Members of the campus community who have a sexual harassment concern can file a complaint with the Sexual Harassment Officer.

How do I file a complaint?

Please contact the Equity Office to file a complaint.

Unlawful Discrimination Complaint Form 

Sexual Harassment Office Location

    • Rodda Hall North, RHN 257
    • Phone: 916-558-2386
    • Fax: 916-558-2098

Sexual Harassment Office Hours

Monday – Friday: 8 am – 5 pm

Sexual Harassment Office Staff

Sexual Harassment & Title IX – What is Sexual Harassment? (PDF)
Sexual Harassment FAQs

Policies and Regulations Pertaining to Sexual Harassment
Students: P-2113P-2423P-2424R-2423
Faculty: P-5111P-5172P-5173R-5172
Classified Employees: P-6111P-6161P-6163R-6163
Administrators: P-9111P-9152P-9153R-9152

Policies and Regulations Pertaining to Discrimination
Students: P-2113P-2423R-2423
Faculty: P-5111P-5172R-5172
Classified Employees: P-6111P-6163R-6163
Administrators: P-9111P-9152R-9152