…teaching in one (or more) of the

Family and Consumer Science Department sections,

(including cross-referenced courses).

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Program of Study
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Web Site
Karin Anderson
Family & Consumer Science
916 286-3692 , 13032 RHN 226AndersK4@scc.losrios.edu
K.L. Anderson Website
Rosemary Anzini-Varesio
Sociology/ Family & Consumer Science
916 286-3692 , 13033–RHN 226AnziniR@scc.losrios.edu
Anzini Website
James Arack
Psychology/ Family & Consumer Science
916 286-3692 , 13040–RHS 284ArackJ@scc.losrios.edu
Arack Website
Grace Austin
Psychology/ Gerontology
916-650-2976–RHN 232AustinG@scc.losrios.edu
Austin Website
Deon Batchelder
916-558-2401–RHN 226BatcheD@scc.losrios.edu
Batchelder Website
Jinan Banna
Family & Consumer Science
916-558-2401–RHN 226BannaJ@scc.losrios.edu
Banna Website
Angela Block
Sociology/ Family Studies
916-558-2159–RHN 215BlockA@scc.losrios.edu
Block Website
Patty Blomberg
Psychology / Gerontology
916 286-3692 , 13044–RHN 226BlombeP@scc.losrios.edu
Blomberg Website
Kathy Carter
Early Childhood Education
916 286-3692 , 12291–RHN 226CarterK@arc.losrios.edu
Carter Website
Jeannie Clark
916-558-2401–RHN 226ClarkJM@scc.losrios.edu
Clark Website
Kevin Cooper
Nutrition & Foods
916-558-2401–RHN 226CooperK@scc.losrios.edu
Cooper Website
Jessica Coppola
Nutrition & Foods
916-650-2910–RHS 280CoppolJ@scc.losrios.edu
Coppola Website
Chad Cox
Nutrition & Foods
916-286-3692 , 13058–RHN 226CoxC@scc.losrios.edu
Cox Website
Anne Dieu
916-286-3692 , 13060–RHN 226ADDesigns_1@comcast.net
Dieu Website
Shawn Edwinson
Early Childhood Education
916-286-3692 , 13067–RHN 226EdwinsS@scc.losrios.edu
Edwinson Website
Pamela Flaherty
Sociology/ Gerontology
916-650-2940–RHS 282FlaherP@scc.losrios.edu
Flaherty Website
Jo-Ann Foley
Family & Consumer Science
916-558-2103–RHN 233FoleyJ@scc.losrios.edu
Foley Website
Mattie Gabston
Family & Consumer Science
916-558-2401–RHN 226msgabston@ucdavis.edu
Gabston Website
Lyndale Garner
Early Childhood Education
916 286-3692 , 14196–RHN 226GarnerL@crc.losrios.edu
Garner Website
Shawna Gasparini
Family & Consumer Science
916-558-2401–RHN 226shawnagasparini@yahoo.com
Gasparini Website
Rose Giordano
Nutrition & Foods
916-558-2401–RHN 226rmgiordano@ucdavis.edu
Giordano Website
Lynne Giovannetti
916-558-2292–RHS 287GiovanL@scc.losrios.edu
Giovannetti Website
Karla Gustafson
916-286-3692 , 13072–RHN 226GustafK@arc.losrios.edu
Gustafson Website
Kimberly Handy
Business/ Family & Consumer Science
916-558-2058–BUS 232HandyK@scc.losrios.edu
Handy Website
Nadine Kirkpatrick
Nutrition & Foods
916-558-2012–RHN 234KirkpaN@scc.losrios.edu
Kirkpatrick Website
Ed Lewis
Early Childhood Education
916-558-2401–RHN 226edstory4u@aol.com
Lewis Website
Veronica Lopez
Nutrition & Foods
916-286-3692 , 13101– RHN 226LopezV@crc.losrios.edu
Lopez Web Site
Gloria Lopez
Family & Consumer Science
Lopez Web Site
Norman Lorenz
Early Childhood Education
916-558-2249–RHS 287LorenzN@scc.losrios.edu
Lorenz Website
Jessica Martinez
Family & Consumer Science
916-558-2401–RHN 226YaklicJ@scc.losrios.edu
Martinez Yakich Website
Mary McGrath
Early Childhood Education
916-558-2401–RHN 226storytellermcgrath@yahoo.com
McGrath Website
Nicholas Miller
Sociology/ Family Studies
916-558-2237–RHN 218MillerN@scc.losrios.edu
Miller Website
Elizabeth Morgan
Family & Consumer Science
916 286-3692 , 13121–RHN 226EMorgan@ps7.org
Morgan Website
Charlynne Murphy
Early Childhood Education
916-286-3692 , 13123–RHN 226MurphyC@scc.losrios.edu
Murphy Website
Rachel Nitzberg
Family & Consumer Science
916-558-2401–RHN 226NitzbeR@scc.losrios.edu
Nitzberg Website
Jane Oh
916-558-2401–RHN 226OhJB@scc.losrios.edu
Oh Website
Erica Otiono
Family & Consumer Science
916-558-2401–RHN 226OtionoE@crc.losrios.edu
Otiono Website
Anna Otto
Family & Consumer Science
916-286-3692 , 13342–RHN 226OttoA@scc.losrios.edu
Otto Website
Melissa Paoloni
Family & Consumer Science
916-558-2401–RHN 226PaolonM@flc.losrios.edu
Paoloni Website
Dyan Pease
Business & Management/ FCS
916-558-2363–BUS 209PeaseD@scc.losrios.edu
Pease Website
Laurie Perry
Early Childhood Education
916-650-2953–CDC 111PerryL@scc.losrios.edu
Perry Website
Natalie Pierce
Family & Consumer Science
916-558-2401–RHN 226PierceN@scc.losrios.edu
Pierce Website
John Polagruto
Nutrition & Foods
916-650-2753–RHN 210PolagrJ@scc.losrios.edu
Polagruto Website
Deanna Pucciarelli
Family & Consumer Science
916-558-2401–RHN 226dlpucciarelli@ucdavis.edu
Pucciarelli Website
Julie Quintana
Early Childhood Education
916-558-2401–RHN 226JulieBQSac@aol.com
Quintana Website
Miriam Rafiq
Interor Design
916-558-2401–RHN 226rafiqm@scc.losrios.edu
Rafiq Website
Marissa Ramos
Gerontology /  Nutrition
916-558-2401–RHN 226miramos@ucdavis.edu
Ramos Website
June Regis
Early Childhood Education
 916-558-2401–RHN 226RegisJ@scc.losrios.edu
Regis Website
Toni Rey
Psychology/ Llifespan
916-396-3497–RHN 226ReyA@scc.losrios.edu
Rey Website
Sam Rios
Sociology / Gerontology
916-558-2401–RHN 226RiosS@scc.losrios.edu
Rios Website
Lisa Rosen-Aydlett
Family & Consumer Science
916-286-3692 , 13142–RHS 226RosenL@scc.losrios.edu
Rosen Website
Wanda Roundtree
Early Childhood Education
916-558-2401–RHN 226RoundtW@scc.losrios.edu
Roundtree Website
Sandra Samarron
Nutrition & Foods
916-286-3692 , 13139–RHN 226SamarrS@arc.losrios.edu
Samarron Website
Rachel Scherr
Nutrition & Foods
916-558-2401–RHN 226ScherrR@scc.losrios.edu
Scherr Website
Julie Schneider
Nutrition & Foods
916-558-2401–RHN 226jmschneider@ucdavis.edu
Schneider Website
Michele Schultz
Early Childhood Education
916-286-3692 , 13140–RHN 226SchultM@arc.losrios.edu
Schultz Website
LaVina Scott
916-558-2401–RHN 226ScottL@scc.losrios.edu
Scott Website
Ramee Serwanga
Early Childhood Education
916-286-3692 , 15079–RHN 226serwanr@scc.losrios.edu
Serwanga Website
Kuar Singh
916-558-2401 RHN 226SinghK@scc.losrios.edu
Singh Website
Marilyn Stanley
916-558-2401–RHN 226StanleM@scc.losrios.edu
Stanley Website
Marlene Steele (VanVliet)
916-558-2271–MOH 18VanvliM@scc.losrios.edu
Steele Website
Amy Strimling
Family Studies
916-650-2754–CDC 118StrimlA@scc.losrios.edu
Strimling Website
Judy Tanner
Early Childhood Education
916-286-3692 , 13153–RHN 226TannerJ@scc.losrios.edu
Tanner Website
Jill Tarver
Nutrition & Foods
916-558-2401–RHN 226TarverJ@scc.losrios.edu
Tarver Website
Danell Ward
Early Childhood Education
916-558-2401–RHN 226WardD@arc.losrios.edu
Ward Website
Jocelyn Ward-Richardson
Early Childhood Education
916-286-3692 , 13159–RHN 226Ward-RJ@scc.losrios.edu
Ward-Richardson Website
Lorraine Weatherspoon
Early Childhood Education
916-286-3692 , 13160–RHN 226WeatheL@scc.losrios.edu
Weatherspoon Website
Chris Williams
Interor Design
916-558-2401–RHN 226wesewwhat4u@sbcglobal.net
C. Williams Website
Jean Winchell
916-286-3692 , 13162–RHN 226WinchelJ@scc.losrios.edu
Winchel Website
Shellie Wright-MacColl
Early Childhood Education
916-558-2401–RHN 226WrightS@crc.losrios.edu
Wright-MacColl Website
Diana Zaragoza
Early Childhood Education
916-286-3692 , 13166–RHN 226ZaragoD@scc.losrios.edu
Zaragoza Website
Adele Zhang
916-558-2401–RHN 226azhang@ucdavis.edu
Zhang Website
Susan Zimlich
916-286-3692 , 13168–RHN 226ZimlicS@scc.losrios.edu
Zimlich Website