Gerontology Program

Gerontology is an emerging career field with opportunities available from the certificate through the advanced degree levels.

Colleges and universities are expanding educational programs at all levels to address the varied functional abilities and needs of older adults. It is important to convey to students the heterogeneity of our aging population, the difference between normal aging and disease states, and the distinction between chronological and functional age.

The impact of the aging of the population requires us to increase the number of classes offered in Gerontology. The Sacramento City College Gerontology program offers a blend of general education and career technical training. The program leads to a certificate or an AS-degree with the potential for articulation into a four-year college or university. Internships and service learning requirements allow students to provide important services to older adults, families and communities.

To provide quality instruction and continuing professional development, our program makes an ongoing commitment of human and material resources to our Gerontology program.

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Program of Study for the Gerontology Degree and Certificate

Future Outlook

As our population ages, almost every industry is serving the growing population of older adults. Research has demonstrated that, regardless of career path, having training in gerontology is beneficial for those seeking employment. Some possible career opportunities may include but are not limited to: elder care, program aide or assistant, geriatric aide, home care specialist, home health aide, inter-generational care provider and professional caregiver.

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

- analyze methods to improve the quality of life for elderly people by connecting individuals to needed resources.
- define the biological and physiological processes of aging.
- explain the psychological aspects of aging.
- explain the sociological aspects of aging.
- demonstrate an appreciation for diverse perspectives and solutions.
- demonstrate workplace skills and knowledge needed for employment.

The percentage of older adults in California is increasing dramatically, especially among the 85+ population. By the year 2030 in California, older adults will represent 20% of the total population (California Department of Aging). Community programs and services are urgently needed to address issues such as: retirement planning, housing, health care, companionship, recreational needs, balanced nutrition, home management, in-home services, consumer protection and elder abuse. In response to this increasing older adult population, more courses and educational programs in Gerontology are necessary.

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Program Information
The Gerontology program at Sacramento City College will provide students with an overview of the biological, physiological, psychological and sociological factors involved in aging. Students will be… MORE >>