Interior Design Courses

The Interior Design curriculum is designed to provide a multilevel program of study for students interested in pursuing employment in Interior Styling, Staging and Production and careers in related fields.

Courses within the curriculum provide part of the undergraduate requirements necessary for students with plans to transfer to a program of study in Interior Design at a four-year institution.

Courses for the Interior Styling, Staging and Production Program

The Interior Design Program Is currently under revision. Please check for new details at a later date...

Future Outlook

The future of Interior Design will be influenced by global conditions, legislation, technological advances, sustainability, growth and changes in populations, the economy and public awareness, as well as an increasing emphasis on professionalism. Therefore, designers need to have current knowledge in specialized design areas, possess skills to work as a team member, work more closely with related professions and must be prepared to accept ethical and legal responsibility and accountability for the environments they shape.

The Labor Market Information (LMI) data on current employment opportunities by county should be utilized as a resource for projecting current and emerging jobs and placement potential. This data is available at each California community college and on the Internet.