Eligible Certificate Programs for Financial Aid Funding


In order to receive financial aid, a student is required to have an eligible educational goal and must be enrolled in an eligible degree or certificate program.

We encourage students pursuing an educational goal of vocational certificate to review the list of certificate programs that are eligible for financial aid funding.  The certificate program list only applies to students who have an educational goal to earn a vocational certificate. Certificates that are listed on the eligible certificate list are approved certificate programs for financial aid funding.

Students who are in an eligible certificate program for financial aid funding will only receive funding for courses needed for the certificate program and basic skill (remedial) courses. The Financial Aid Office will review all transcripts to determine if the appropriate courses are needed to complete the certificate program.  Again, this only applies to students with an educational goal (E) Earn a Vocational Certificate.

We encourage students to meet with a Sacramento City College counselor if they have questions or need further guidance determining their educational goal.  Students can complete a Change of Data Form at Admissions and Records to update their educational goal.