Financial Aid Forms

You may type answers on any form that has been marked as a “Fillable Form”, however all completed forms must be hand-signed. Forms are accepted in-person to the Financial Aid Office RHN 159 on the Sacramento City College main campus, the front counter at the Sacramento City College West Sacramento and Davis Centers, and by mail and FAX.

Financial Aid Forms

2016-2017 Academic Year

Consortium Agreement Request

Appeal for Satisfactory Academic Progress – GPA/Progress

Appeal for Satisfactory Academic Progress – Maximum Timeframe

Appeal for Dependency Override

Appeal for Special Circumstances

Award Adjustment

High School Completion Status

Decline of Aid

Instructions and/or PDF links to required 16-17 Financial Aid form(s) are listed in your personal eServices portal (see To Do list).

Since not every student is selected for the verification process, some students may not have any To Do list items in their eServices portal.

2015-2016 Academic Year

2015-2016 BOG Fee Waiver Application

Ability to Benefit Test/Units (Fillable Form)

Active Duty Verification

Appeal for Dependency Override (Fillable Form)

Appeal for Satisfactory Academic Progress – GPA/Progress (Fillable Form)

Appeal for Satisfactory Academic Progress – Maximum Timeframe (Fillable Form)

Appeal for Special Circumstance (Fillable Form)

Asset Verification Form – Student (Fillable Form)

Asset Verification Form – Parent (Fillable Form)

Award Adjustment Form (Fillable Form)

CA Dream Act Request Form (Fillable Form)

Change of Address Form (Fillable Form)

Change of Name Form (Fillable Form)

Child Support Paid Verification Form – Dependent (Fillable Form)

Child Support Paid Verification Form – Independent (Fillable Form)

Consortium Request (Fillable Form)

Court Appointed Independent Verification Form (Fillable Form)

Decline of Aid Form (Fillable Form)

High School Completion Status Form (Fillable Form)

Homeless Verification Form (Fillable Form)

Household Resources Verification Form – Dependent (Fillable Form)

Household Resources Verification Form – Independent (Fillable Form)

Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose (SCH) (Fillable Form)

Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose (Notary) (Fillable Form)

IRS Tax Return Transcript Request Information

Monitoring Status Form (Fillable Form)

Selective Service Exemption Request Form (Fillable Form)

SNAP Verification Form – Dependent (Fillable Form)

SNAP Verification Form – Independent (Fillable Form)

Statement of Other Legal Dependents (Fillable Form)

Student Consent for Release of Student Records (Fillable Form)

Student Status Form – Degree Questionnaire (Fillable Form)

Unusual Enrollment History (Fillable Form)

Verification Worksheet – Dependent (Fillable Form)

Verification Worksheet – Independent (Fillable Form)


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