Getting Financial Aid



  • Apply for the FAFSA or CA Dream Act starting January 1st (March 2nd is the priority deadline for the FAFSA and a deadline for the CA Dream Act).
  • Apply for the Cal Grant by completing your FAFSA or CA Dream Act and GPA Verification Form by March 2nd.  Community College students who are eligible to complete a FAFSA have a second deadline of September 2nd to submit their Cal Grant requirements.
  • Around Mid-April the SCC Financial Aid Office loads student files for the 2015-2016 year.
  • SCC Financial Aid sends out an email notifying students to log-in to “My City Aid” to check their Financial Aid Status.  PLEASE NOTE:  By logging into the My City Aid portal, you consent to obtaining your financial aid documentation and award information electronically. If not, please see the Financial Aid Office to request a paper copy of your financial aid information.



  • Students are randomly chosen for verification.
  • Your Financial Aid File will not be processed until all documents are submitted.
  • If you submit all your documents by early June, you will be guaranteed your Financial Aid the first week of school.



  • Allow 4-6 weeks to process your file.
  • Always be aware that more documentation may be required.  If this is the case you will be contacted by our office immediately.
  • Some files may be released to the Department of Education.  If this is the case, your file may be delayed a week or two.




Full-time status (FullX)  =  12.00 or more units

Three -quarter time status (3/4X)  =    9.00 — 11.99 units

Half-time status  (1/2X)  =    6.00 —   8.99 units

Less than half-time status (<1/2X)  =    0.50 —   5.99 units


Among many other factors your award is also based on your enrollment status.  Below you will find sample awards for students who have a zero EFC.


EnrollmentStatusAnnual Award1st Payment2nd Payment


Please Note:  If your enrollment is Full time or 3/4 time you will receive two disbursements per semester.  For example, a Full time student will receive two disbursements of $1444 and $1444 to equal the payment of $2888 (1st Payment) during the the Fall semester.  While, a 1/2 time student  will only receive one disbursement of $1444 (1st Payment) during the Fall semester.



  • There are two disbursements per semester. (Our office disburses funds every Friday)
  • Your Higher One Card must be activated to receive your disbursements.  (Please make sure that your Address is correct with the Admissions and Records Office)