SAP Presentation & Workshops

SAP stands for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Federal regulations require that a student has met—and continues to meet—some basic academic progress standards before he or she can receive federal financial aid. Each school sets its own SAP policy within the federal guidelines, and students must meet the requirements of the SAP policy of the school he or she is enrolled in to be eligible for federal financial aid.

Every school’s SAP standards include three components:

  1. a qualitative measurement component, such as a grade point average (GPA)
  2. a quantitative measurement component referred to as the student’s pace rate
  3. a maximum time frame of program completion

For students not meeting SAP requirements, the school’s SAP policy explains warning and probationary periods, as well as appeal and approval processes. Please make sure to review the school’s SAP policy to understand your responsibilities as a student receiving federal financial aid.

SAP Presentation

If you have been suspended from financial aid due to failure to meet the satisfactory academic progress requirements, then you must attend one of the workshops below in order to submit your SAP appeal.


These workshops are for students only; please do not bring children.

Sign Up Online

  1. Click on Make Appointment.

click on make Appointment

  1. In the last column to your right, select Financial Aid Workshops, then click Find Appointments.

select Financial Aid Workshops, then click Find Appointments

  1. Click on the * button next to the SAP Workshop of your choice.

Click on the * button next to the SAP Workshop of your choice
Workshops that are full will not appear.

  1. Select Satisfactory Academic Progress from the scroll down menu, confirm your email address by re-entering it in the last textbox, and click Continue.

Select Satisfactory Academic Progress

Upcoming Workshops

Please sign up in advance (see above.)

08/15/20172:00 pm -3:00 pmBUS-107
08/23/20172:00 pm -3:00 pmBUS-143
08/31/20171:00 pm -2:00 pmLRC-105
09/06/20173:00 pm -4:00 pmLRC-105
09/12/20172:00 pm -3:00 pm LRC-105
09/20/201710:00 am -11:00 amLRC-105
09/28/201711:00 am -12:00 pmLRC-105


Workshop Locations

SAP Workshop locations on map