Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

Federal regulations require that all students who receive federal aid make satisfactory academic progress

Sacramento City College students are evaluated based on the following standards:


  1. Maintain Progress – Complete at least 75% of units enrolled:


Progress Percentage = Total units with a grade of “F”, “NC,” “W,” “NP”, “IP” and “I” divided by the total units attempted. Non-completion percentage must be 25% or less.


  1. Maintain a minimum of a 2.0 (college) Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).


  1. Total Units – Students who have completed a degree (including a foreign Degree) or attempted 72 or more units will be denied financial aid. Students who have attempted more than 150% of the units required for a certificate program will be denied financial aid.  Units completed at other colleges or taken without the assistance of financial aid are calculated into the total number of units attempted. Up to 30 units of remedial coursework may be deducted from the total units accumulated.  ESL classes are counted toward the total number of units attempted.  Students who enroll in ESL or excessive remedial cours­es that don’t apply to their degree or certificate may exhaust their financial aid  eligibility.

Course Repetition: To determine the student’s GPA, the most recent grade for a repeated course will be used. All units (both current and prior) from repeated courses are counted toward the maximum number (72) of units a student is permitted to attempt.  Students are not eligible to receive aid for more than one repetition of a course that has been previously passed.

Appeal Policy: Under certain conditions, students who are denied aid due to unsatisfactory academic progress maybe offered the opportunity to appeal the denial. Students who want to appeal must complete an Appeal Form and must submit all supporting documentation to the financial aid office.

Once an appeal decision has been rendered, the appeal decision is final and cannot be appealed for the remainder of the year.  Once the student has resolved his or her deficiencies and meets the satisfactory academic progress criteria, they must notify the financial aid office to re-evaluate them for financial aid eligibility.

If the appeal is approved, the student will be placed on probation during that term.  At the end of the term academic progress will be reviewed to determine continued financial aid eligibility for the following term.

Prior approval of an appeal does not mean that the deficiency will not be counted if lack of satisfactory academic progress continues.

Final adopted on 05-10-2012