A Scholarship is a grant that is used by a student to help further their education. Scholarships may come from various sources like a school, various types of organizations, and other private sources. Every scholarship has specific requirements and deadlines that have to be met to qualify. There are many types of scholarships and here are a few examples:

  • Merit based scholarships are based on the students achievements in various areas like: athletics and academic interests to name a few.
  • School based scholarships are given to students by the school they attend. They can also be associated to a specific field of study or students interests at that institution.
  • Work based scholarships require a student to earn their grant by working.
  • Student specific scholarships can be based on a student’s nationality, gender, race, religion, medical history and other student specific factors.
  • Field of study – are scholarships that are strictly given to students who are pursuing specific field of study.
  • Need based scholarships are based on the student meeting financial need criteria.

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