Thank You Donors!

Thank you, SCC Donors, your generous support is appreciated! Your scholarships helped 250 students buy textbooks and supplies for classes. Your SCC Annual Fund contributions set a record of $57,368 for 2012-2013. Your in-kind gifts helped students broaden their horizons in areas like Aeronautics, Nursing and Fashion. All of the students whose lives are touched by your gifts will remember your generosity.

  • Your generosity has made a profound impact on my life, and I am truly grateful to be a recipient of your scholarship.
  • Ernesto Gutierrez
    The help you provide to SCC students goes beyond buying that math book or paying for that English writing class.
  • Apart from receiving the scholarship, I also have learned the spirit of giving through this generous act.
  • You have given me the freedom to pursue academics in search of a life that provides not only the comforts of financial success, but also an outlet for my desires to help society towards a more healthy and sustainable future.
  • Your generous support will be remembered. Thank you very much!