Adriana Pérez

Ed.D. Argosy University
Higher Education Organizational Leadership

MFA, California College of the Arts

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
UC Davis University Extension
Graphic Design & Print Production

BS, University of California, Davis
Landscape Architecture

BA, University of California, Davis

Program Areas:
Graphic Design
Digital Illustration
Editorial Design
Publishing and Book Design
Project Management

Digital Illustration for Graphic Design 1

Trained in environ­mental design and graphic design, Adriana has been in the design industry since 1994 and in design educa­tion since 2005. Her profes­sional experi­ence includes working as an Art Director and Graphic Designer for UC Davis, a Principal and Creative Director for Cultura Design, LLP, and a Landscape and Urban Designer for CoDesign, Inc. Her studio practice has ranged from work for clients such as UC Davis, Sutter Health, Center for the Art of Translation, California Arts Council, to self-initiated projects. She has designed more than 1000 publi­ca­tions throughout her profes­sional career. Her current profes­sional work focuses on edito­rial design and digital publishing.

Adriana considers design a powerful tool to promote the social good. Consequently, she believes everyone ought to be trained in design and visual literacy. She seeks to help students find their design voice and strengths while creating a sense of commu­nity in the class­room. Her goal is to help students develop a passion for design and ultimately succeed as citizens of the world.