Graphic Design

Certificate of Achievement (COA)

This program offers students a comprehensive study of graphic design for print and/or web medium using current technologies. The curriculum encompasses the full spectrum of design theory, process, tools, and techniques that students will need to be successful in the graphic design industry. Students will also experience working with clients and preparing final project files and materials for printing or distribution. Students who complete this certificate will be able to produce a variety of print and/or web design projects and possess a professional portfolio of their work.

Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities may be found in graphic design studios, publications, animation studios, in-house agencies, and self-employment or freelance work. This certificate will also prepare students for studies that may lead to transfer to four-year institutions, such as the design program at CSU Sacramento, where a mastery of technology skills is required for entry.

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and application of design theory and processes for creating original print and Web projects.
  • evaluate design opportunities, explore visual responses, and introduce and explain final results to an audience.
  • determine the appropriate tool to solve a visual communication need.
  • apply appropriate type, color, form, and imagery to a visual project.
  • plan, design, and produce a multi-paged/multifaceted project for print and/or Web.
  • communicate with the current and appropriate design industry vocabulary.
  • utilize design as a tool of engagement in issues of sustainability, social responsibility, economic equality, and cultural understanding.

Certificate of Achievement (COA)
The Certificate of Achievement may be obtained by completion of the required program with grades of “C” or better or equivalent.

Required Program:

GCOM 313 Digital Layout I

GCOM 330 Digital Imaging I

GCOM 340 Digital Illustration for Graphic Design I

GCOM 349 Portfolio

GCOM 360 Introduction to Web and Interactive Technologies

A minimum of 9 units from the following:

GCOM 314 Digital Layout II

GCOM 319 Print and Multimedia Publication Design I
GCOM 320 Print and Multimedia Publication Design II
GCOM 321 Print and Multimedia Publication Design III

GCOM 331 Digital Imaging II

GCOM 332 Digital Imaging III

GCOM 341 Digital Illustration for Graphic Design II

GCOM 343 Graphic Design I

GCOM 345 Graphic Design II

GCOM 347 Typography I

GCOM 361 Beginning Creative Web Design

GCOM 362 Intermediate Creative Web Design

GCOM 490 Graphic Communication Studio I
GCOM 491 Graphic Communication Studio II
GCOM 493 Graphic Communication Studio III

Total Units Required: 22.5