Tom Cappelletti

phone: 916-558-2312
office: COS-112

Fall 2016 Office Hours:
Wednesday: 2 pm – 3 pm
Thursday: 12 noon – 1 pm
Friday: 10 am – 1 pm

BA, Design
University of California, Los Angeles

MA, Education
California State University, Sacramento

Program Areas:
Design Thinking
Digital Imaging
Web Media

GCOM 305: History of Graphic Design
GCOM 330: Digital Imaging I
GCOM 331: Digital Imaging II
GCOM 347: Typography I
GCOM 360: Introduction to Web and Interactive Technologies

For thirty years, Tom has been in the design business. A graduate of UCLA’s Department of Design, he was fortunate to study under noted designers Don ChadwickJohn and Marilyn NeuhartBill BrownNathan Shapira, and Ron Rezek. He went on to serve four years as a U.S. Coast Guard Public Affairs Officer, then became one of the first employees for Joe Boxer in San Francisco.

He worked several years in art departments in the film industry in LA, then, with his sister, Sandy, designed greeting cards and wall décor, primarily for Papyrus, Pier 1, Smith & Hawken, and Target and ran Cappelletti Studio for 10 years.

Tom spent several years as a trainer for Apple in New York, teaching software classes and seminars to employees and the public around the country. He has created several Apple courses for consumer-level software applications.

Tom is a native Northern Californian from Napa. He took Graphic Communication courses here at SCC in 1999 and 2000 from both Robyn Waxman and Carl Winther. Tom has been a GCOM professor since 2006.