HCD Learning Communities

Achieve your personal and academic goals!

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There are two types of Learning Communities offered through Human Career Development:

1.  PALS:  Pathways to Academic Learning & Success

  • Semester One:  HCD 110 with MATH and/or English Course
  • Semester Two:  HCD 310 with MATH and/or English Course

2.  PUENTE Project

  • Fall Semester:  HCD 310 (PUENTE) and ENGWR 101
  • Spring Semester:  HCD 302 (8W1/HCD 330 (8W2) and ENGLISH 300

Things to know about Learning Communities (LCs):

  • Learning Communities are comprised of two or more connected classes with the same group of students
  • Learning Communities require applications and consent for enrollment from the Instructor of Record
  • Success rates are higher for students in Learning Communities
  • The PALS Learning Communities are offered at the SCC Main Campus and West Sacramento Center
  • Students enrolled in the LCs must remain in all classes – no exceptions!