Smoking Cessation

Page updated January 2016


SCC Health Services                                                                916-558-2367
125 Rodda North, behind the counseling department
Provides support on campus, information on smoking cessation, quit kits, and referrals to help in the community.

California Smokers Helpline       1-800-NO-BUTTS  or 1-800-45-NO-FUME
Offer free telephone counseling, self-help materials, and online help in six languages to help you quit smoking

American Lung Association                                               1-800-LUNG-USA
Freedom from Smoking Online

Sutter Express Care                                                               1-800-972-5547
Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Locations in designated Rite Aids in Sacramento, Natomas, and Roseville.

Department of Veteran Affairs                                         1-877-222-8387

Become An Ex
Sponsored by the national non-profit American Legacy Foundation in partnership with the Mayo Clinic, helps smokers “re-learn life without cigarettes” through a plan based on scientific research and practical advice from ex-smokers.

National Cancer Institute

Nicotine Anonymous

Sacramento County Tobacco Cessation

Stop Smoking/Quit Tobacco Resource Guide

Local Listings by County for Tobacco Cessation and Education Resources

Smoking Cessation Apps


Quit smoking – QuitNow! (Free) — Offers real-time stats about last cigarette smoked, amount of cigarettes avoided, and money saved.
Stop! Quit Smoking – LITE (Free) — Includes a community system for support from other quitters. Offers real-time display of money and time saved.
Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation (Free) — Allows for support from over 17 million people who are also trying to quit. Informs you of health improvements and offers games to distract from cravings.
Get Rich or Die Smoking
(Free) — Includes a sophisticated rewards system and a community to chat with other quitters.
Time To Quit Smoke
(Free) — Informs you of how much time has passed since your last cigarette, how much money was saved, and allows for customized widget display on desktop for convenient achievement display.


LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach (Free) — Provides help for quitting cold turkey or gradually decreasing nicotine intake, guidance for setting attainable goals, and connection to Facebook and Twitter for motivation from family and friends.
Quit It Lite (Free) — Keeps track of cigarettes not smoked and money saved. Allows you to receive text messages about the benefits of quitting.
My Last Cigarette ($0.99) — Provides daily motivational quote or medical advice, anticipates cravings, and informs you of decreased risk of lung cancer and heart attack, as well as increased life expectancy.
UCSF/SFGH Stop Smoking ($0.99) — Tracks your mood and offers ideas of healthier alternatives to smoking and teaches about how mood influences smoking. Sales of this app support research for solutions to smoking. Also available in Spanish.
Quitter (Free) — Focuses on last cigarette smoked and money saved. Connects with social media to allow for support and provide inspiration to others.


KickSmoking (Free) — Focuses on helping you resist cravings and keeping track of health benefits of quitting. Provides a craving timer and records the number of cravings resisted.
Quit Smoking (Free) — Includes check of current health status, timeline for quitting, and tips to avoid smoking.
Smoke Free (Free) — Provides reminders for time passed since last cigarette and tracks the length of cravings.
Quits (Free) — Offers help for quitting any bad habit. Keeps track of how many days since last cigarette and amount of money saved.

Smoking Cessation Information

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