Smoking Matters

At Sacramento City College (SCC) we recognize that the health and well being of our campus community is essential to our students’ success in reaching their goals.

To promote healthy life choices, SCC presently has an environmental standard for smoking which prohibits smoking outside Designated Smoking Areas on the main campus, our West Sacramento campus, and Davis campus (see maps).

SCC Environmental Standard for Designated Smoking Areas

Designated Smoking Areas


How is the environmental standard for smoking enforced? The answer is community policing. This campus is our community and our responsibility.

Smokers: Please familiarize yourself with the smoking areas and refrain from smoking in non-designated areas.

Non‐smokers: Please be courteous when reminding smokers to use the Designated Smoking Areas.

If you see a person smoking (including those that use electronic smoking devices) outside a designated smoking area on SCC property:

S  – “Smile” – Introduce yourself.
M – “Make” the assumption that the person doesn’t know about the changes.
O – “Offer” information on how to locate the DSAs.
K – “Kindly” remind the person that this includes all smoking, including electronic smoking devices.
E – “Enforce” the new standard and ask the person to stop smoking outside of the DSAs.

  • Be polite and friendly
  • Assume that the person does not know about the designated smoking areas on our campus.
  • Explain that smoking is only allowed in the 6 Designated Smoking Areas.
  • Let them know that DSAs are noted on the signs and campus maps.

And all of us will need to help campus visitors understand that smoking is permissible only in these designated areas.

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