Associate in Arts Degree (AA)

The Humanities program allows students to focus on Classical, Western, and non-Western humanities. Courses examine the art, architecture, literature, music, philosophy, religion, and historical movements of world cultures.

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • investigate enduring human values as expressed in the arts and/or philosophies of various cultures.
  • evaluate the impact of arts and ideas upon various societies.
  • examine the relationships among the “letters” (philosophical treatises and literary works) and “arts” (music, architecture, theater, and visual arts) during particular epochs of cultural development.
  • evaluate the artistic, cultural, and religious achievements of a particular period by comparing and contrasting them to the achievements of previous and subsequent periods.
  • research topics and write academic papers that examine the arts, literature, and/or philosophy of particular eras in history.


Associate in Arts Degree
The Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree may be obtained by completion of the required program, plus general education requirements, plus sufficient electives to meet a 60-unit total. See SCC graduation requirements.