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Making a digital reader

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I still have gargantuan readers from my two favorite undergraduate courses. These monsters were painstakingly pieced together, article by article. Articles must have been added each year the class was taught, articles taken away as they became less relevant (hopefully), and of course, every contributing author was contacted and a price paid for the inclusion of their work and deservedly so—these beasts were over $90 bucks in in 1999!

As I set out to teach my first course last fall, I also painstakingly pieced together my reader, but this one’s all digital. Videos, articles, and audio files from open educational resources (OER)—if I could find them.  I relied on my own creations when Internet searches came up short: videos made with Camtasia or sound files saved on SoundCloud. Publishers definitely have enticing offers for educators in almost any subject but consider taking a look at OER resources before you send that textbook order to the bookstore:

OER Consortium



The resources above are “open” but perhaps you would like to use copyrighted materials. For these, you may want to become familiar with fair use guidelines and the Teach Act. If you are using the copyrighted material for your class, it’s usually ok if you are:

  • not making money off it
  • limiting the time students have to access it
  • only allowing enrolled students to see it
  • using only a portion (e.g., 10% of videos, 10% of original text, 10% of original music, up to 5 images from 1 artist)

If you are using more than those shares, attempt to find the rightful owner and ask permission.

Innovate 2014 Logo


You are cordially invited to present at the Los Rios Innovate! 2014 conference on May 22 and 23. This year the conference will be held at the Winn Center at Cosumnes River College. Last year at ARC more than two hundred people from all four Los Rios colleges and the district office came together to learn about innovative technology tools and approaches being used by their colleagues. Don’t miss this opportunity to share with others the innovative ways you use technology.

Last year’s presentations included the following:

  • “Online vs. On-ground: Why You Should Reinvent the Wheel” by Jena Bills from Cosumnes River College
  • “Using Google Docs to Articulate with High Schools” by Randy Schuster from American River College
  • “The Magic of Flipping Chemistry” by Dianne Bennett, Jim Hill, and Alexander Sylvia from Sacramento City College
  • “All Together Now: Enabling College-wide Collaboration for Student Success in Online Classes” by Dipali Buch from Folsom Lake College
  • “@ONE: Technology Training Services for You” by Micah Orloff from @ONE

Faculty, staff, and administrators are all encouraged to submit presentation proposals via the online form at The registration fee is waived for presenters.

This year in conjunction with CRC’s Sustainability Committee, we have the goal of making Innovate! 2014 a zero-waste event. For presenters, this means we hope you will provide any resources to your attendees in electronic form and reduce or eliminate paper handouts. The Innovate! web site will be able to host any materials you wish to make available.

We look forward to reading your proposal.


The Los Rios Innovate! 2014 Planning Committee

Gregory Beyrer (CRC) | Marsha Reske (ARC) | Zack Dowell (FLC) | Daniel Gilbert-Valencia and Jory Hadsell (SCC)

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First meeting of the @One educators 2/21/13!

@one logoSCC has it’s very own small learning community for educators interested in tech and online learning. Please join us in the Cove and become acquainted with your cohort as we begin this group journey to achieve the Online Teaching Certification. Expect tea, cookies, and more information. We are looking forward to learning with you all!

Where: The COVE

When: Friday, Feb 21 @ 2PM-3PM