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To request 2-week access to Lynda,

please call (916) 558-2635

or e-mail

What is Lynda?

Lynda contains a vast library of video tutorials on many subjects. When you complete a tutorial, you have the opportunity to earn a certificate of completion that can be shared and celebrated on your LinkedIn profile.

A limited number of 2-week access accounts are shared throughout the college. When you request your account, please be prepared to begin a course. You may search through the course list and try out the first few minutes of a course without logging in. Some subjects, such as Photoshop, have many courses. Searching by subject and then sorting by skill level will help narrow your selections.

The following Lynda courses are recommended (but please feel free to explore any subject):

Computer skills for all

Online Instructors

Face2Face Instructors

Hybrid Instructors


To request 2-week access to Lynda,

please call (916) 558-2635

or e-mail