Program Review

Instructional Program Review is a process by which the degree and certificate programs and curricula of Sacramento City College are reviewed every 6 years.

Departmental Degree and Certificate Programs: For degrees and certificates associated with a single department (most SCC programs) the review includes both course and degree/certificate analyses. Departmental degree and certificate programs use the “Program Review Template” at the link below.

Multi-disciplinary Degree/Certificate Programs not associated with a single department: For these programs, the courses are reviewed during the associated departmental program reviews; however a representative department is asked to conduct the degree/certificate review.

These programs use the “Interdepartmental Degree and Certificate & Template” at the link below.

Program Review Calendar

Program Review Template, 2016-17
Interdepartmental Degree & Certificate Template, 2016-17

Program Review Template, 2015-16
Interdepartmental Degree & Certificate Template, 2015-16

For information related to the data for Program Review, contact Anne Danenberg in the PRIE office at 916-558-2334.

For other information related to the data for Program Review please contact the Instruction Office.