FALL Semester(August – December) = MAY 1st
SPRING Semester (January – May) = NOVEMBER 1st


Return Application Packet to:
Sacramento City College

International Student Center
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA  95822-1386

Thank you for your interest in the International Student Center (ISC) at Sacramento City College (SCC). International students may attend SCC to:

  1. Obtain an Associate’s Degree,
  2. Obtain General Education to Transfer to a University, or
  3. Obtain an Associate’s Degree, General Education, and Transfer to a University.

    Note:  If you are seeking information regarding an English as a Second Language (ESL) Program of study only, please go to our website tab with local ESL Program information.

The SCC International Admission process is divided into two application parts. Both part I and II are required.

I.     Complete an SCC Online Application by visiting Choose Sacramento City College and click “Apply” then click “Create an Account”. A social security number is not required to complete the application.  Note: The Spring 2017 application will open in September – Date TBA. 

II.    Download and complete the  F-1 Student Data Form.  It must be completed, signed AND submitted with the required documents as one complete application packet. Download to see the complete international admission requirements.

  1. Evidence of English Proficiency (No Copies – Original Educational results must be received directly from test center/college) – only one is required to fulfill this requirement.
    –  Official TOEFL (Score: 45 (internet based), or 133 (computer based), or 450 (written)). Go to:  and use SCC institutional code #4670 to order.
    –  PTE-Pearson Test of English (Score: 39)
    –  IELTS (Score: 6.0)
    –  STEP Eiken (Score: 2A) Japan
    –  US College Transcripts showing proof of successful completion (with a letter grade) of a College English Writing Course.
    –  If local: Passing scores from the SCC ESL or English Assessment testing.
  2. Financial Support equivalent to $22,882.00 USD (as of 06/15/2016)
    –   No Copies – Original Bank Letter with signature and/or seal must be received) – Note: Fees Subject to Change.
    –   Original Bank Letter must be dated within 6 months of instructional start date. Support covers non-resident tuition fees, mandatory student health insurance coverage, books and living expenses. Financial aid is not available to international students.
    –   If a sponsor is a US citizen or lives and works in the US download USCIS Affidavit of Support Form I-134 include their official bank verification. US Sponsors are also required to provide a copy of their last Tax Return and most recent Paycheck stub
    –   If sponsored by government or organization, send original copy of award on organizational letterhead that specifies in English the terms of the support, the U.S. dollar amounts to be covered for tuition, listing dates of coverage addressed to Sacramento City College before registration.)
    –   Full tuition/enrollment payment is due as stated on your e-Services account
    Note: You will be dropped from your courses if you do not pay within the required timeline.
    –   For payment plan, contact the SCC Business Office and make arrangements in advance.
    –   Current Tuition Fees
  3. A) Official-Original High School Diploma (originals may be returned as requested)
    –   If you are currently in your final year of high school and will graduate before the applicable semester begins, request a letter signed by your school Principal certifying your “expected” graduation month, date and year.
    B) College Transcript(s)
    from US or Overseas are required.
    –   No Copies – Original Diploma & Transcripts with signature and/or seal must be received.
    –   College Transcripts and Evaluations must be received in a sealed school envelope.
    –   ALL Non-English documents must be accompanied by English translated* copies.
    –   All overseas transcripts must be evaluated*.
    * For information on go to the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) or Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. (AICE)
    Note: Course Descriptions may also be required to meet course substitution or prerequisite(s).
  4. $50.00 Application Fee: This is a non-refundable fee in the form of a check, money order or cashier’s check payable from a United States bank and made payable to “Sacramento City College”. Print the student’s name on the face of the check including the SCC ID#, if available. Applications will not be processed without a payment receipt. Do not send cash. 
  5. Photograph: Passport size with your name printed on back

Proof of
Health Insurance & Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance
required upon your acceptance
or a hold will be place on your eServcies account.

For more information go to the SCC Health Services website.

If you are in the U.S. on an F-1 VISA and you would like to transfer to our college, please complete the process above and go to our Transfer In link under our Admission tab for additional information and transfer in form.

Return Application Packet to:

Sacramento City College
International Student Center
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA  95822-1386

Application Review Process

Once all required documents have been received and reviewed, ISC will contact you with a final decision. If admitted you will receive:

  • Acceptance Letter
    *  You can now Pay your I-901 Fee  and make an appointment at your US Embassy for your F-1 Visa application interview
  • SEVIS I-20

Important Information for Applicants

  • We highly recommend utilizing a local US contact to assist you with expediting your acceptance package  (includes your SEVIS I-20) mailing since we only have access to standard USPO mailing.
  • You must give us written permission to allow others to be included in your application process and communications. This included the expedited mail option above.
  • Look up our degree majors so that you have the correct information to include on your ISC application. Note: All students must declare a major; you cannot use “Undecided”.
  • If you are under age 18 when school officially starts, you will need to submit a legal document called a Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney (POA) for minor can be used by parents or guardians to allow a temporary caretaker to make certain decisions for their minor child over a period of time. We must receive the original POA, but it will be returned.
  • The ISC accepts US transferring F-1 VISA students that are in Good Status only under their current school’s SEVIS I-20,
  • B-1/B-2 Visa: Visitors arriving in the U.S. after April 12, 2002 have some restrictions to become a valid F-1 status within the U.S. Please check the following USCIS website or before traveling to the US, contact American Consulate “with the intent to study as a prospective student” before entering the U.S. We highly recommend  contacting a U.S. Immigration Lawyer. Please contact the ISC and schedule an appointment to discuss possible options.
  • SCC – ISC does not provide legal advice on obtaining or changing your F-1 VISA status, please check with appropriate legal/government agencies.
  • To review SCC majors, courses, and transfer information go to our on-line college catalog.
  • SCC does not evaluate foreign transcripts for course waivers or transfer credits. If you need evaluation services we recommend that you contact the National Association of Credential Evaluations Services (NACES) or Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. (AICE) , which is a membership organization for credential evaluation services. Their website provides a listing of member evaluation services. We cannot recommend an individual company for this service. Translated and/or evaluated transcripts must come in a sealed envelope from the company you used.
  • International students cannot apply for Financial Aid in the U.S. and we currently do not have other resource to assist new or new transfer students with their financial requirements.
  • F-1 VISA students have strict employment guidelines. Working in the US under a F-1 VISA is prohibited except under certain conditions. The ISC Counselor can discuss these options with you when requested.
  • The Los Rios Community College District does not have dorms or housing services. Please check local Sacramento rental or housing agencies for assistance.