Transfer in Students

NOTICE: Spring 2015 “Late” Transfer-In

Late applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.
Deadline to submit late applications and ALL documents is December 19, 2014.   Please contact our office for additional information.

The Sacramento City College (SCC) International Student Center (ISC) accepts United States (US) College transferring students who are currently in “good status” with their SEVIS regulations.


Follow the same Admission Process (areas I, II, and #1-6) on the Admissions page. Transferring students who have been attending school in the US are also required to submit the following additional documents:

7.  SCC Transfer_In Form completed by your current school (original only – no photo copies).

8.  Copy of U.S Visa and I-94 entry (original must be examined).

9.  Copies of I-20 form from all previous schools issue  (original(s) must be examined).

10. TBA – Proof of enrollment in a minimum of 12 units (this item may be included on late US transfer-in applications)

Please hand deliver (local students) or mail your complete application packet to:

International Student Center
Sacramento City College
3835 Freeport Blvd
Sacramento, CA USA 95822-1386

Note:  Additional requirements may be considered and applied if applicant has missed the deadline. You must contact our office directly and discuss your special circumstances to discuss your possible options.

Review Process

Once all required documents have been received and reviewed, ISC will contact you with a final decision within two weeks. If admitted you will receive:

  • Acceptance Letter (forward this letter to your current school to complete transfer)
  • New SCC – SEVIS I-20

Documents will be mailed by standard US mail unless other arrangements are made by providing written permission for someone to pick them up directly from our office.

For additional information, please contact us directly : 916-558-2486 or email: