Current SCC Students

You are Student Ambassadors representing your country. Self-responsibility to your academics is required to be a successful student. Maintain the F-1 Regulations is also a self-responsibility to continue your studies in the US. This section of our website is designed exclusively for our current international students. It includes an overview of the most important immigration regulations affecting F-1 students in the U.S. in the areas of academics, employment, travel, medical insurance, school transfer, driving, maintenance of valid student status, and more.

Our ISC staff and academic advisors  are available for consultation, advice and assistance. However, we encourage you to research your topic of interest on the Web site first, especially when planning time-critical matters, such as OPT application, re-entry signature on your I-20, school transfer, etc.

The drop down links will assist you with additional information about processes, procedures, and your responsibilities as an international student. If you do not find the information for your specific circumstance on our website, please contact our office.