Health Insurance

International Students are required to have active Health Insurance starting on the first day they arrive in the US, as well as having a Tuberculosis (TB) clearance on file.

  1. Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance: International students can bring their official and original TB clearance results to the Health Office -or- pay a $5 fee in the Business Office and have the test taken in the SCC Health Office by one of the College Nurses.
    • Important Note: Positive TB test results will require a chest x-ray for clearance, which may incur an addition charge from a health care facility/provider.
  2. Health Insurance: International students must submitted their insurance coverage documents (must include coverage amounts) to the Health Office or purchase health insurance for coverage.

Does SCC offer health insurance? No.
For more information on health insurance plans please refer to the SCC Health Office website or phone: 916-558-2367.  Note: If an insurance plan other than Wells Fargo of California Insurance Services is purchased, an insurance waiver form has to be filled out.

  • IMPORTANT: Proof of health insurance and TB clearance should be presented to the SCC Health Services Office before arrival or no later than within the 10 day check-in (from US arrival) policy. Students who do not provide proof of health insurance and TB clearance will have an eService HOLD placed on their account and will not be able to enroll, obtain transcripts, etc.