About Us

Welcome to the Sacramento City College (SCC) International Student Center (ISC). The campus, founded in 1916 as part of the California community college system, is one of the largest systems of higher education in the world. SCC is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges and offers Associate of Arts or Associate of Science Degrees.

International students come to community colleges for several different reasons:

  1. Obtain an Associate’s Degree,
  2. Obtain General Education to Transfer to a University, or
  3. Obtain an Associate’s Degree and General Education to Transfer to a University.

The ISC Coordinator-Counselor and staff are available to assist students with review of admission requirements, specialized orientation, and provide valuable resources regarding student immigration status, federal regulations www.ice.gov/sevis, and educational responsibilities. To learn more about the ISC staff, go to our “Staff” page under our About Us link, for our brief introductions with photos.

Top Five Countries International Students at Sacramento Ciyt College Come From.SCC highly values the rich cultural diversity that is created by the presence of international (F-1 VISA)students on our campus, and we look forward to the opportunity to provide them with sup­port services. International students are defined as any citizens of a country other than the United States who have or will need “school authorization, under federal laws, to enroll as non-immi­grant students.”

If you are seeking information regarding an ESL Program of study, please go to our website link with local ESL Program information.

International Students cannot apply for Financial Aid in the U.S. and we currently do not have any other resources to assist ‘new’ students with their financial requirements or needs. After students complete one year and the other mandatory requirements, all SCC students (including international students) can apply for SCC Scholarships.

SCC does not have dorms or housing.