How to Add Courses ?

To Contact

  1. If you tried adding my classes and they are all full, please continue to try.  As students drop, spots open up on the waiting list.
  2. If you are on my waiting list, email me during the week before class begins to see if I can enroll you!
  3. If you are trying to get onto my waiting list and you get a message saying “you need instructor permission to add” that means the waiting list is full.
  4. If you are not on my waiting list but you would still like to add, you are welcome to email me but your chances are slim.  Your best bet is to continue trying to get onto the waiting list to improve your odds.
  5. You may consider adding a NUTRI 300 class at the Sacramento City College Davis Center or West Sacramento Center.  The SCC Davis & West Sac campuses are only about 15 minutes from the main campus and have free parking!  Often those classes do not fill to maximum capacity.