Nutrition (NUTRI 300)

Students will study the basic principles of nutrition, food sources, biologic functions of the nutrients in human physiology and all stages of the life cycle, energy metabolism, nutrition as a world problem, and consumer problems related to food.

Course topics such as weight loss, sports nutrition, food safety, the diet-disease relationship, global nutrition, and analysis of special nutritional requirements and needs during the life cycle are emphasized. An evaluation of personal dietary habits using current dietary guidelines and nutritional assessment methods will also be completed to help students assess their own nutritional health.

Introduction to NUTRI 300 with Jessica Coppola [27 seconds]

Getting Started

Welcome Enrolled Students!

I’m so glad you got in to this class!  The NUTRI 300 ONLINE classes fill very quickly so you should feel very happy to have gotten a spot!  I’m also happy that you followed the directions in the schedule of classes which told you to check out my website!  Here is what you need to know to get started on the road to success in my class (read all 4 steps listed below):

Step 1: Orientation Video and Syllabus/Calendar

Mandatory ORIENTATION VIDEO for the Online NUTRI 300 Course:
This mandatory, 27 minute, orientation video session must be completed by the first day of class, even if you have successfully taken an online class before.  The orientation video will ask you to do several things in D2L (Desire 2 Learn).  Keep in mind, you will not have access to D2L until the week before class begins!

  • To FIND the Mandatory Orientation Video, scroll down to the Orientation section on this page.
    Alternate methods: copy and paste this web address:
  • SYLLABUS & CALENDAR for the NUTRITION 300 Online classes:
    Please print a hard copy of the NUTRI 300 Online Class Syllabus and Calendar.  You will refer to this while you watch the Orientation Video.
  • DUE DATE:  First Friday of Week 1.
    If you do not complete the tasks in the orientation video by the first Friday of the semester you may be dropped from the course.

Note:  You will need Adobe Flash Media Player to play this video (it is a free download).

Step 2

OPTIONAL In-Person MEET and GREET for FALL 2016:
Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 from 5-6pm

Learning Resource Center, LRC 141
Sacramento City College, Main Campus

  • This meet and greet is available for those who wish to “connect” in person, ask questions about the orientation video or just feel more comfortable having met me in person!  🙂
  • Please be sure you have viewed the mandatory orientation video BEFORE attending the optional IN-Person meet and greet.

Step 3

As mentioned in the orientation video above, you will ABSOLUTELY need the CUSTOM SCC Textbook for this class.

The textbook is available for purchase at 2 places:

  • When you log into D2L you will see “McGraw-Hill Campus” in the content menu.   This is your eBook and digital resources!  When you click on that link for the first time it will prompt you to “register” and pay for access to your eBook and digital resources.  You may choose to buy an optional print copy of the book if you wish but the ebook and digital resources are required.  After you register once, you won’t have to do it again all semester.  *There is a 14 day “courtesy access” option during registration if you need a few days before you pay for your book.
  • SCC Campus Bookstore (it will be more expensive at the SCC bookstore).  Inside the book will be an access code which you can enter in D2L by clicking on “McGraw-Hill Campus”.


  • Diet Analysis Program
  • Learn Smart Modules (graded)
  • Other Services Needed to succeed in this class.

Step 4

Are online classes right for me??? If you are wondering that, please click here: Distance Education Page.  Also consider going through these “readiness modules” that get you ready to take an online course!  Readiness Modules


The Online class will have a mandatory, one-hour, orientation session that must be completed by the first day of class, even if you have had an online class before.

Orientation Video [27:09]

Keep in mind, the orientation will ask you to do several things in D2L (Desire 2 Learn). You will not have access to D2L until the week before class begins! This semester, if you are enrolled in my class, you MUST watch the orientation video but appearing for the in-person meet-and-greet is optional!