The Child In The Family and The Community

ECE 314 or SOC 312 (same course)

Required Textbook

Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization and Support

Photo of the Child Family Community Required Textbook

  • Author: Berns
  • Edition: 10th*
  • ISBN: 9781305088979
  • eText: Optional
  • If you choose to use a different edition of the text, it is your responsibility to compare your text with the current text for updated information and reorganization of the material.
  • Older copies of the text might be found on the 3rd floor of the Learning Resource Center.

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Prior to our Orientation:

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Course Information & Syllabus

Week 1 Assignments

Week 1 Assignments:

(2.) Article Review Essay
Find an Article About An Agency Serving Children and Families in Your Community

  • Look for a current article (within the last 6 months) about a local agency that serves children and families.
  • Research newspapers, magazines, or the internet. Try to find something that relates to the Sacramento area.
  • Organize your thoughts using the supplied article review form, then write your essay (not question/answer).

Article Review Form

Be sure to include the following source citation information (at the beginning of of your article review):

Author’s last name, first name
Date of article
Media Source (Name of Magazine, Newspaper, Internet, etc.)
If a website:

Sponsor of website
Date web site was last updated

Source Citation Example:
Herndon, Michael K., and Joan B. Hirt. “Black Students and Their Families: What Leads to Success in College.” Journal of Black Studies 34.4 (2013): 489-513. JSTOR. Web. 15 Feb. 2015.

Format of the essay?
2 pages (minimum). Double-spaced is fine. At the top of page 1 type your name plus the name of the assignment.
Cite your sources. Separate citation pages and title pages are not necessary. Use “quotation marks” or ‘semi-quotes’ if you are “quoting” or ‘paraphrasing’ what someone said.
Remember to save your paper as an rtf, doc or docx file before uploading it to the Dropbox.

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